How to Wear a Dress Shirt and Look Good!

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how to wear a dress shirt

This article will teach you how to wear a dress shirt. You’ll learn 11 simple techniques to make a dress shirt look more appealing.

Don’t Button the Top Button

Don’t button that top button if you’re not planning to wear a necktie.

Don’t be frightened to unbutton the second button as well. It offers you a more relaxed appearance.

Undershirt With a V-neck

If you’re not wearing a necktie and the top two buttons on your shirt are unbuttoned, opt for a V-neck undershirt rather than a crew neck.

You don’t want to display your underwear; it’s just not attractive.

Right Collar Style

The next piece of advice for looking good in a dress shirt is to pick the proper collar style.

Collar styles on modern dress shirts can be divided into two types.

We’re going to have point collars. Point collars will have points that are fewer than 35 degrees apart. The great majority of collar styles will fall under this category.

This looks fantastic with a necktie, but if you don’t want to wear a ties, spread collars are a good option.

Spread collars will have a collar spread of 45 to 55 degrees when not worn with a necktie, and they will look much nicer when not worn with a necktie.

If you choose the right knot style, you can wear a necktie with a spread collar.

A broader knot will fill up the space directly near to your neck, which is what you’re going for.

Right Color Fabric

You should choose the proper color fabric for your skin tone and hair color.

First and foremost, we have light skin and light hair. Light blue, green, and red are all fantastic colors to wear if you have this complexion. We’re going to use softer shades of these colors.

There are no bright or dark colors.

If you have light-hued skin, blonde or reddish hair, avoid overpowering your natural hues with a brightly colored dress shirt.

Then there’s the person with a medium contrast.

This is going to be a dark-haired man with a little amount of color in his complexion.

When it comes to dress shirts, this guy is in luck; he’ll be able to wear any hue, but he’ll look best when he generates contrast in his attire.

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So, if you’re wearing a dark suit, you should wear a light-colored dress shirt.

So, when it comes to dress shirts, white is the greatest hue, followed by light blue, and possibly even pink or lavender.

Darker hues are more casual, but you may still have some fun with them. Don’t be afraid to use a deep, rich blue or perhaps a maroon.

The gentleman with dark-colored complexion and dark-colored hair is next.

What’s fantastic about this complexion is that you can wear bright colors. A light-colored pink, a regal purple, a vibrant blue, or a bold green are all possibilities.

Strong Lines

Strong lines are the next technique for looking great in a dress shirt.

I’m referring to a collar that has been starched or pressed. I’m talking about cuffs that are wrinkle-free and ironed, don’t have any bends, and have a sturdy placket.

The placket is where the buttons will go through, however it must always be pressed and ironed.

Everyone will notice if you have wrinkles exactly here in the front of your shirt.

The collar is the same way.

You should not only have the collar pressed, but you should also make sure that the shirt you buy has collar stays.

They go in and make sure there’s a nice firm straight point there.

Cuff Fit

Cuffs should never be so tight that they hinder movement, and they should never be so loose that the garment may be removed without unbuttoning.

If you wear a watch, make sure the cuff is properly adjusted to allow your watch to fit comfortably. Remember, all you have to do is move the button.

Roll Your Sleeves

This one is backed by science.

Seriously, they surveyed women and asked, “What do you find attractive in a man?”

When a man lifts up his shirt sleeves and exposes his forearm, it routinely ranks in the top five.

This begs the question: how do you roll your shirt sleeves in the most beautiful way?

The master roll, in my opinion, is the answer. Here’s how to go about it.

Put the cuff further up the sleeve for this one, then fold the excess fabric over it. This produces a really neat-looking roll that will not unravel throughout the day.

The best part is that all it takes to unroll your shirt sleeves is a fast pull of the cuff.

Brighter Color

Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color, something you feel comfortable wearing, or something that you just think looks good on you.

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I realize this goes against everything I just mentioned, but if you like the appearance and are secure in yourself, you can pull it off.

How to Wear a Dress Shirt

Tucking a Shirt

Next, understand the rules for tucking your shirt in.

When looking at the bottom of most shirts, you can discern whether they should be tucked or untucked.

Shirts that should be worn untucked usually have a straight bottom or are of a certain style.

Tucking a guayabera in is not a good idea. Polo shirts are designed to be worn untucked for the most part.

If they’re dress shirts, dress shirts should always be tucked in. But it’s the casual button-down that’s the most perplexing.

You have a dark-colored shirt and are wondering if you can wear it untucked.

The two-inch rule is what you’re looking for.

This is how the two-inch rule works. If you’re going to wear your shirt untucked, it should fall about two inches below the waistline of your pants.


Understand how to use patterns to your advantage.

Let’s start with oxford, which is one of the most straightforward patterns to master.

Essentially, they use a variety of hues. These fabrics were made with white and dark blue yarns. From afar, it appears to be a solid.

Another consideration is to choose a shirt with a tight twill weave. From a distance, it will appear to be a solid.

Let’s talk about stripes, which are a popular design among men.

You’ll appear slimmer and taller as a result of it.

You must be familiar with three stripes.

The Bengal stripes are first on the list. When we have two colors – white and another color – we have a Bengal stripe. You’ll notice that they’re both the same width. The white has the same width as the color.

The next stripe is a candy stripe. The color stripe will be half the width of the white stripe. There will be a significant increase in the distance between the stripes.

Next, search for a track stripe if you want to go with something bold. Track stripes are made up of three different colors.

The white background is followed by alternating colors of a varied tint.

Let’s talk about checks for a moment. Check patterns are quite casual in general, especially when they are larger and use brighter colors.

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Glen checks, especially in medium to light blue, are one of my favorite check patterns.

Until you come up close, this pattern doesn’t really stand out. I believe you can wear this casually or formally, but it is a terrific way to stand out from the crowd.


The most critical factor in looking fantastic in a dress shirt is fit, which comes in first on my list.

As I’ve already stated, if it doesn’t fit you, it will make you seem horrible.

Guys, make sure you’re in the right size.

What are the critical areas on the dress shirt where you need to get the fit just right?

Let’s begin with the collar. At the very least, you should be able to get two fingers in there when you button it up. It’s way too huge if you can fit your entire hand in there.

Let’s talk about the points on your shoulders.

Do not purchase the shirt if the shoulder points do not fit you. This could not be tailored.

When it comes to sleeve length, make sure to provide room for your hands.

It should not extend past your wrist bones, nor should it extend beyond your hands.

This can be tweaked a little.

Now, if the sleeves are way too baggy, you’ll want to be cautious. That demonstrates that your armhole is far too large.

When it comes to the length of the shirt, many manufacturers cut corners.

I like it to be at least two to three inches long so that I can tuck it in and have it stay there.

When it comes to the torso, the average size guy should have roughly two and a half inches of room.

Maybe three, three-and-a-half inches if you’re a little bigger.

However, if you’re 5’2″ and weigh 100 pounds, you’ll probably require an inch-and-a-half to an inch of extra fabric, so it’s all about proportion.

how to look good in a dress shirt

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