How to Wear a Dress Shirt With Jeans

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How to Wear a Dress Shirt With Jeans

The majority of men screw up the dress shirt and jean combination.

What to wear with a dress shirt and jeans is discussed in this article to help you look your best.

Understand The Dress Code

Jeans are a casual outfit. If the dress code is business casual or if you must wear a suit, you must understand that wearing jeans and a jacket is inappropriate.

Since jeans are casual, they shouldn’t be worn to a formal occasion.

Match The Fit

The biggest error men make when wearing a dress shirt with jeans is that the fit is off.

They are wearing jeans that fit them quite snugly. However, when it comes to dress shirts, they wear dress shirts that are considerably too large for them.

It just seems strange to pair an oversized dress shirt with tight-fitting jeans.

Tuck in Your Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are intended to be tucked in because they are more formal shirts.

Be sure to wear a belt if you’re tucking your shirt in. What belt style and color should I buy?

The question that needs to be answered is what exactly are your goals for this situation. I advise going traditional calfskin. Opt for dark brown or black. You could even use oxblood.

Wear The Right Type of Jeans

There are numerous types of cuts and styles for jeans. Some of them are more casual than others.

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You should go more toward dressier jeans. We’re talking about jeans with the proper cut. By cut, I mean that baggy and skinny jeans should both be avoided.

You need to find a pair of straight-cut jeans. There will be different versions of this.

You might choose to go with a slim straight cut, which is an excellent choice if you are on the leaner side. Consider getting a standard, straight cut. This is intended for a slightly heavier, larger man.

Choose a looser straight cut if you are a heavier man.

When it comes to the color of denim you wear, opt for shades that are darker. We’re referring to indigo, a dark blue.

Even black, or perhaps a really dark charcoal gray, is an option. However, you should choose denim that is a deeper shade.

If you have a pair of dark jeans that have faded after being washed numerous times, you might not want to keep wearing them with a dress shirt.

In general, wearing a dress shirt requires you to dress up the denim as much as possible.

Choose The Right Dress Shirt

Choose the more casual options. Black tie-appropriate dress shirts are never something you want to wear.

Generally speaking, button down and button up shirts will be more casual than dress shirts, which will be more formal.

If you want to wear a shirt that looks great with denim, opt for a button up or button down shirt, such as an Oxford.

As they are more casual, Oxfords are a great choice to pair with jeans.

All of our dress shirts will have long sleeves. Technically speaking, a dress shirt is anything with long sleeves.

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There will be polos and short-sleeved button-up shirts, but those are casual clothes and aren’t considered dress shirts.

The most formal choice in terms of hues and designs is going to be a plain white. Then possibly a pale blue.

Technically speaking, if you choose a dark hue, it is not a dress shirt.

Layer It

You will look better overall if you wear layers, especially a jacket, unless the temperature is quite high outside.

Wearing a sports jacket simply enhances your appearance. A blazer is another option that you have. Denim and a dark blue blazer look great together.

Cardigans, sweaters, and jumpers are other options.

The combination of the dress shirt and just a sweater with a V-neck thrown on top of it looks very great. Another option is a crew neck. Still a good combo. Consider wearing a sweater vest or vest in general, especially if the weather is hotter where you are.

What About Undershirts?

When wearing jeans and a dress shirt, is it necessary to always wear an undershirt?

Your dress shirt will last longer if you wear undershirts. The pits don’t become stained.


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