5 Best Men’s Shirts For Summer (Long & Short Sleeve)

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Best Men's Shirts For Summer

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s the ideal time to stock up on some summer items to complement your current clothing.

You can’t go wrong with your shirts as a starting point. A decent shirt is the foundation of every summer outfit for a man.

I’ve compiled a list of the five greatest variants to elevate your warm-weather ensembles.

I’ll go over everything from fit to colors to fabrics to how you may pair each shirt with the rest of your wardrobe in this piece.

Short Sleeve Button-up Shirt

To begin, my absolute favorite and the one shirt that every man should have in his summer wardrobe is the short sleeve button-up shirt.

Short sleeve button-up shirts with a classic Cuban collar pair well with other summer items like chinos, shorts, and slip-on shoes.

My personal favorites are made of linen or seersucker. They’re also made of cotton, which makes them ideal for hotter climates and for guys who run hot.

These shirts will become your new best buddy if you’re one of these literally hot guys, as they feature a more relaxed fit that also works well if you have a wider waistline.

You can go with a plain color, but I prefer a short sleeve shirt with a pattern. It may be worn buttoned or unbuttoned, and it can be layered over a tank top or a t-shirt.

There are numerous options available. So, see what makes you feel most at ease.

But don’t make the one error I see a lot of guys do: buying a size too small.

You should be able to pinch roughly one to two inches of fabric on either side of your stomach because these are not designed to hug your torso.

A patterned short-sleeve button-up shirt is available in a wide range of vibrant and interesting patterns. There are a lot of great summery patterns and designs available.

Personally, I prefer a green floral pattern, but you may always go for anything that fits your personal style.

However, while over-the-top cartoonish patterns are cute on kids, they should never be worn by older men.

Patterns are designed to give personality to your overall style, but keep in mind that there is a limit, so avoid anything too loud.

If you’re not a fan of patterns, you can always opt for a more subdued solid color that will still give you that sleek, casual summer vibe.

Despite its laid-back look, the short-sleeve button-up shirt is a surprisingly adaptable piece that can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories you pair it with.

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You could, for example, dress it up by pairing it with a suit, in addition to wearing it with your more casual short and sneaker combinations. Wear it with some chinos and a great jacket on top.

Crew Neck T-shirt

My next summer shirt is the most laid-back of the list, and it’s a casual summer essential. It’s a traditional crew neck t-shirt.

Before you buy a crew neck tee, make sure it fits properly.

It’s probably too small and isn’t doing you any good if it’s closely clutching your torso.

Women appreciate the look of a sleeve that gently hugs the biceps, therefore the sleeve should end about the mid-bicep area and not be too loose.

The shirt should end around mid-crotch and you should be able to pinch around one or two inches of fabric on either side of your tummy.

Your t-shirt should be snug, but not too tight or too loose.

Typically, you’ll want to stick to neutral shades for your crew neck tees, but keep in mind that different colors look better on different skin tones.

The most neutral colors are white, navy, light blue, black, and gray. However, because it’s summer, you can go with brighter colors like greens, blues, yellows, lavenders, and maybe even a striped pattern.

On t-shirts, nautical stripes look amazing, and when layered with something else, the design can really make an ensemble pop.

Feel free to mix and match any of these crew neck shirts with jeans, chinos, or shorts.

Also, try pairing t-shirts with some formal trousers and a belt for a summer style hack.

Incorporating both casual and formal items into an ensemble can create a polished yet casual vibe. If you pair it with a bomber jacket, you’ll have another another elevated incredibly cool put-together style.

I like to tuck my t-shirts into my jeans half shirt. It results in an extremely well-put-together summer ensemble.

If you have a little extra weight in your stomach, avoid the half tuck because it will draw attention to your stomach, which we don’t want.

Polo Shirt

Next, we have the polo shirt, which is the more sophisticated older brother of the crew neck tee.

This style of shirt is one of my favorites since it has the feel and comfort of a t-shirt but with a more polished appearance.

It looks excellent on any man, regardless of age or body shape, and it’s quite breathable, making it ideal for the summer.

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Polos, like crew neck tees, look best in basic neutral colors, and I try to avoid patterns that are too busy because they might detract from the overall aesthetic.

Personally, I like it when the collar and sleeves have tipping since it gives some personality to the shirt’s more sophisticated design.

In reality, every man should have a few different polo shirts in his wardrobe ready to wear when the warmer weather arrives.

Teal, navy, heather gray, light blue, lavender, and green are among my favorite colors.

For guys with a slim to regular frame, pima cotton or a cotton silk combination is ideal.

If you’re a bigger guy with a lot of weight in his middle, though, the Pk cotton is the way to choose because the texture will help to hide any places where you’re self-conscious.

Consider darker colors, such as charcoal navy and black, for guys, as lighter colors can be unflattering in terms of hiding extra weight in the torso.

In terms of styling, a gray polo shirt with dark wash jeans is one of my favorites. It’s a sexy, easy-to-wear style that ladies adore. Polos can be worn with suits, chinos, shorts, and pretty much everything in between.

Long Sleeve Button-up Shirt

A comfortable and long-lasting long-sleeve button-up shirt is my next choice. Preferably in a cotton or linen fabric, like an Oxford.

But the best part about these shirts is that they can be worn alone or as part of a layered ensemble. They look terrific with chinos, jeans, or shorts, tucked or untucked.

Long sleeves not only look good, but they also provide more sun protection, and you can roll them up for a more casual look.

It’s always preferable in solid colors with your Oxford shirts or linen shirts. Avoid any form of patterns or designs. Simple neutral colors like white, light blue, light gray, and navy are easier to pair and provide a sharper overall aesthetic.

If you want to add some color to your shirts, go with green or lavender, which are both neutral colors that look excellent on all skin tones and can easily be paired with the rest of your wardrobe.

Last but not least, I’d like to comment on the fabric selection.

You can wear an Oxford button-down shirt all year if you choose one. A linen shirt, on the other hand, should only be worn in the summer.

Here’s a fun tidbit about linen and Oxford shirts.

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Did you know that layering them, such as over a t-shirt or tank, can also help trap in cooler air? For guys who get a little heated, this could be a nice idea.

Layering these shirts also helps to break up a larger torso vertically while also providing thickness to a slimmer frame.

It really produces a much more flattering silhouette for both big and slim guys alike.

Last but not least, if you happen going with linen, avoid white if you have particularly dark chest hair or darker nipples, as it will show through.

In such situation, navy and light gray would be my choices. the color light blue Instead of going with white, these are the better options.

Chambray Shirt

Let’s talk about my next option on the list of summer shirts, the chambray shirt, while we’re on the topic of long sleeve shirts.

While chambray has a similar appearance to denim, it is woven differently and is significantly thinner, lighter, and softer than its cowboy cousin.

Chambray shirts go with nearly anything and may be worn alone or layered with other pieces.

To create a wonderful casual summer style, I prefer to pair them with chinos and sneakers. Underneath, a white t-shirt can be worn for a relaxed and subtle look. You can always add a jacket on top if it turns chilly at night.

In terms of color, I like a light wash blue or gray chambray shirt since the lighter hue allows you to pair it with dark wash jeans without seeming like you’re wearing a Canadian tuxedo.

When coupled with chinos, I enjoy chambray shirts. It just creates the most stylish summer style that any man may wear.

Roll up your sleeves with this shirt. When a man rolls up his shirt, it has a really manly and seductive feel to it.

Long & Short Sleeve Summer Shirts Men


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