How to Properly Wear Suspenders (And Stylishly)

how to properly wear suspenders

Here I’m going to be talking about five tips on how to properly wear suspenders.

I know some of you are thinking about switching to suspenders, and I think it’s a good idea.

I’m going to show you how to put them on properly so you don’t waste your money on suspenders you’ll never wear.

I’m not going to go into detail regarding the many types of suspenders in this article.

For that, I’ve written a separate article.

Here are five tips to help you make an informed shopping decision and determine whether suspenders are suited for you.

The Need

What is the necessity for suspenders when you’re out shopping? Why do you need suspenders?

A little background on suspenders: this was how trousers were held up in the past. We didn’t wear belts at all.

Suspenders, I believe, were mostly phased out during World War II.

One of the reasons is that you can make trousers a little shorter, so we push them down instead of finishing at the natural waist.

This is something that jeans have been doing for a long time. “Let’s go ahead and push it down,” I believe the companies who made dress pants and slacks said. “We’re going to save fabric,” they said. Belts grew in popularity.

Belts aren’t as effective as suspenders for two reasons.

One, belts are trying to place strain on an area that is actually angled, especially on big guys.

If you think about it, if you’re a larger man, you’ll have to exert a lot of tension to keep your pants from coming down.

You’ve seen it before. There are a lot of men out there whose pants are falling down. They’re attempting to raise it.

Suspenders are clearly required in this situation.

Another advantage of wearing suspenders is that they appear to lengthen your leg line.

Suspenders are always going to look nicer on a larger man. Basically, they’ll make your legs appear longer, which will make you appear taller.

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The most significant impediment, and this is why you require it, is psychological. Because you won’t make the switch if you aren’t persuaded that suspenders will make you appear better, or if you don’t believe in the psychological benefits.

That is something I do not desire.

I don’t want you to buy suspenders and then never wear them.

If you’re going to wear suspenders, be sure they’re right for you.

For other guys, it’s not so much a need as it is a want. It’s a fashion want.

You want something that will appeal to your senses.

You want to wear them without a jacket and have a pop of color that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps you’re a dancer who wants to get out there but doesn’t want to worry about your pants slipping down. That’s a fantastic reason.

But make sure you know what you’re buying them for before you buy them so you get your money’s worth out of whatever you spend.

Understand what you need, whether it’s trendy or if you need them to hold up your pants.

No Suspenders With Belt

Second, you should avoid wearing suspenders with a belt.

Almost every pair of pants built by an off-the-rack company, and by that I mean pre-manufactured, non-custom, will come with belt loops since the manufacturer assumes you’ll wear a belt with them at some time.

The vast majority of us do not wear belts. How many guys do you know that genuinely wear belts with jeans while they’re wearing them? Unless they’re tucking their shirts inside their pants.

The usage of belt loops isn’t always necessary.

When it comes to suspenders, you don’t want to put on the belt first and then the suspenders.

It actually defeats the purpose. Suspenders are used to take the place of a belt.

Work suspenders are an exception to this rule.

Certain work suspenders are designed to be worn with belts. The rationale for this is that you’re hanging tools from your belt, and the suspenders are there to keep your pants from sagging.

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The combination is appropriate in that scenario.

I wouldn’t try pretty much any other combo.

Right Type of Suspenders

The next suggestion is to get the proper type of suspenders.

I’ve written a complete post about the five different types of suspenders.

But we’re going to have black tie suspenders.

We’ll have dress suspenders that are more appropriate for work attire.

We’re going to have some casual suspenders that will bring in some color.

There are work suspenders, which are type number four.

Last but not least, there are undergarment suspenders. Those are for men who are a little heavier, want to wear their shirt untucked, but don’t want to have to constantly pull their pants up.

Suspenders worn as an undergarment are a fantastic choice.

How to Wear Suspenders For Men

The Right Size

Suspenders of the proper size should be purchased. That brings us to point four.

Suspenders are available in a variety of styles.

Buying the wrong size and making it work is a common occurrence.

The trouble with this is that you’ll overstretch them, especially if they’re made of elastic material, and the length will be reduced.

They’ll also become more uncomfortable, and you might find that your pants are riding up too high as a result.

So make sure you get the proper size.

Suspenders with a length of 42 inches will fit guys standing between 5′ and 5’9″.

Suspenders up to 54 inches in length will accommodate men between the heights of 6’1″ and 6’5″.

If you have a query, contact the manufacturer from which you will be purchasing it and ask them what is best for you.

How to Attach Suspenders

The final step is to figure out how you’ll attach the suspenders to the pants.

Some of the guys go out and purchase the suspenders. “I don’t have any buttons on my pants,” they discover. “How am I going to attach it?”.

Recognize that there are two types of attachments. There are six in total, but I’ll focus on the two most important.

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Button and clip attachments are the two types of attachments.

Let’s pretend you’re going to wear it with jeans. You’re a dancer, so you need something that will look beautiful while still holding your jeans up because you like to wear them a little loose so you can move around. In this scenario, clips are the way to go.

Clips, especially if they have a tack or a pin in them (these are known as biting clips), will stay in place and leave a little hole, which is typically not too awful.

It won’t be a problem if you’re wearing jeans, but if you’re wearing formal pants, you’ll want to stay away from these types of clips.

Those biting suspenders can also be used as work suspenders.

If you’re going to make a long-term switch, and let’s say you’re a big guy who’s decided that suspenders are the way to go, consider having buttons stitched into your pants.

You can also find clip-on buttons, which I believe are a superior option because they are much easier to use and do not damage the clothing.

If you’re going to go with button suspenders for the majority of your clothing, they’re a long-term option.

If you’re only doing it once in a while, however, the clips are the way to go.

If you’ll be moving around a lot or working, the biting clip is the way to go.

how to wear suspenders stylishly


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