7 Different Ways to Tie a Scarf (Men)

7 Different Ways to Tie a Scarf , Men

In this guide, you will learn seven different knots that can be used to tie a scarf.

The length of the scarf must be between 70 and 75 inches in order to successfully tie any of these knots.

Shorter versions won’t appear as effective.

How come? You won’t have enough scarf left at the end of the knot to really tuck it in to keep you warm while still giving you a handsome appearance.

On the other hand, if the scarf is very long, you just have a large amount of fabric to work with, and tucking it inside your coat only makes you look bigger.

The best way to utilize different knots for a scarf is to practice tying them and have a clear idea of the effect you are going for, as some knots provide more warmth than others.

Some look better with a deeper cutout in the overcoat. Others are better suited to something formal and closed.

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The knots are shown in this video in the order of increasing difficulty, beginning with the ones that require the fewest steps and are the least secure and working their way up to the ones that require the most.

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