Dyson Airsrait No Heat Hair Straightener Review

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Dyson Airsrait Straightener Review

Is the Dyson Airstrait worth $500? In this video, Justin Hickox, a professional hairstylist, puts the Dyson Airstrait to the test!

He dives into the world of luxury hair care to explore the revolutionary Dyson Airstrait hair styling tool. Priced at $500, it’s crucial to understand if this tool lives up to its hefty price tag, and that’s exactly what Justin aims to uncover!

The Dyson Airstrait has caused quite a buzz in the industry, boasting cutting-edge technology and advanced features that promise to revolutionize your hair styling routine. With its sleek design and powerful performance, this tool claims to deliver unparalleled results.

The hairstylist, Justin Hickox, introduces the Dyson Air Strait as a new tool from Dyson, emphasizing the importance of understanding its functionality and assessing whether it lives up to its claims before making a purchase decision.

Justin highlights that the review is not sponsored, and he invested his own $500 to provide an honest evaluation of the Dyson Air Strait.

Hair Straightener Without Heat

The Dyson Air Strait is described as a lightweight device with a keypad and anti-slip features. The reviewer appreciates its design and mentions that it feels light, making it comfortable to hold for extended periods.

The device includes a standard filter similar to Dyson’s blow dryer, and it features a button to lock it in place for convenience. However, the reviewer notes that the lightweight construction may give it a slightly “cheap” feel.

No Heat Flat Iron

The hairstylist demonstrates the device’s operation, including turning it on, the cleaning process, and the various settings for wet and dry hair. The Dyson Air Strait is promoted as a tool that can take wet hair to dry, straight, and smooth in one process, potentially saving time.

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The device has different temperature settings for both wet and dry hair, and the reviewer explains the functions of the cool and hot buttons. There is also a unique feature called “idle flow,” which adjusts the airflow depending on whether the device is closed or open to minimize frizz during styling.

No Heat Hair Straightener

Justin details a practical test where he compares the Dyson Air Strait to a standard routine involving a blow dryer and flat iron. The test involves a model, Rachel, with slightly textured hair, using the Dyson product on one side and her usual routine on the other.

Rachel’s experience with the Dyson Air Strait results in a decent finish in 11 minutes and 52 seconds, according to the reviewer. However, the overall comparison with the traditional blow dryer and flat iron routine took 8 minutes and 39 seconds, suggesting a similar timeframe and comparable results.

Wet to Dry Hair Straightener

The reviewer is on the fence about declaring the Dyson Air Strait a clear winner, noting that there isn’t a significant difference in results or time. He mentions Rachel’s feedback on the Dyson, stating that it felt easier to use and provided a slightly fluffier end result.

Justin concludes by expressing uncertainty about recommending the Dyson Air Strait for everyone, stating that its effectiveness might depend on individual preferences and styling habits.

He suggests that it could be more beneficial for those who typically use a brush for styling rather than those using a traditional blow dryer and flat iron routine.

Heatless Hair Straightener

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