Butterfly Bob Haircut: How to Cut

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Butterfly Bob Haircut

Discover the artistry behind the ‘butterfly bob’ haircut with Cassi from Kenra Professional in this comprehensive hair cutting tutorial.

In this engaging video, Cassi expertly guides viewers through each step of the process, from hair preparation to final styling, showcasing her meticulous techniques and insightful tips.

From creating the perfect profile parting to mastering layering for volume, Cassi shares her knowledge and expertise, ensuring that every client achieves a stunning and personalized hairstyle.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of the butterfly bob, a versatile cut that can enhance anyone’s look with its blend of precision and creativity.

Cassi begins by discussing the products she used on Anna’s hair, including Kenra Platinum Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Kenra Platinum Pearl Detangler to facilitate easy combing and styling.

The haircut process starts with Cassi creating a profile parting down the middle of Anna’s head, using her comb to identify the middle point.

Cassi then proceeds to section Anna’s hair below the occipital bone, ensuring enough hair for a visual guide but still manageable with just a comb.

Butterfly Bob Haircut Short

Throughout the tutorial, Cassi emphasizes the importance of considering the client’s face shape when determining the length and style of the bob.

Cassi incorporates layering techniques to add volume to Anna’s fine hair, explaining her approach to cutting layers in a way that complements the natural fall of the hair.

How to Cut Butterfly Bob Haircut

After completing the haircut, Cassi prepares Anna’s hair for styling by applying Kenra Platinum Thickening Spray and Kenra Root Lifting Spray to add volume and texture.

Cassi demonstrates a rough blow-dry followed by styling with a round brush to enhance volume and movement in Anna’s hair.

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Short Butterfly Haircut


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