What to Wear With Black Jeans, Women? (6 Styles)

What to Wear With Black Jeans

What to wear with black jeans is what I’m discussing here.

I put together a total of six outfits using basics that you undoubtedly already have in your closet.

Let’s talk about how to wear black jeans.

Style 1

I’m wearing my go-to pair of black jeans for my initial look. The rise of these black skinny jeans is roughly nine inches.

Actually, I did have them hemmed to the exact length I wanted. I made them a little bit shorter.

In this really laid-back ensemble, I paired them with a graphic tee that I adore because of its simple cream tone and black accents.

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Top it off with my favorite denim jacket and my go-to wedge sneakers, which I have been enjoying since last year. They are quite comfortable and great for daily wear.

To top off the look, I added a simple neutral taupe bag.

This is such a great look to wear just about every day, whether you’re running errands, going out, or having lunch with friends.

With the wedge, the shoes provide a little bit of intrigue. They are still super comfortable and give me a little bit of height.

I love this look so much.

Style 2

I paired a cardigan with my go-to black jeans for my next look. I chose to go with a burgundy color. Burgundy and black are two colors that I love together.

I chose to wear a straightforward white t-shirt underneath it to maintain the pleasing color pattern.

However, cardigans are frequently thought of as being cozy. As a result, I paired them with a pair of strappy high-heeled shoes and a black handbag to create a somewhat more dressed-up ensemble.

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It’s dressy enough to let you to wear it to the office or to a more dressy brunch or similar event with friends. You might also wear this to formal events such as church or other formal events. Despite being quite comfortable, it unquestionably elevates the look.

Style 3

I wanted to create something a little bit more formal for this look. This would be a great look for a casual Friday at office. This may be excellent for a date night out or perhaps brunch.

It is still my go-to outfit, a black camisole and a pair of black jeans. I put on this boyfriend blazer in tan.

I completed the look with a pair of two-tone slingback shoes.

I love these shoes since they are clearly influenced by Chanel and they just give everything a very elegant and refined look. I paired the look with my quilted flap bag.

This is not only very comfortable and very useful, but it would work for many different situations. It’s an easy look with black jeans that you might potentially choose to wear every day.

Style 4

I chose to wear my black jeans with my trusted olive green cargo jacket for this ensemble.

Given that cargo obviously has a bit more of a casual, masculine vibe, I opted to wear it with a black camisole beneath to add a touch of elegance.

Additionally, the fact that I now have the black jeans and the black cami really helps to lengthen the figure. It truly has a monochrome look.

I proceeded to pair it with a pair of two-toned mule flats just to continue the feminine theme. And just a taupe handbag after that.

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These were some of the feminine accents I used in this ensemble to counteract the cargo jacket.

Style 5

I pulled my go-to suede moto jacket for my following look. This one is still one of my favorites, even though I probably bought it a year ago.

I wore a really basic, super comfortable, and super casual gray v-neck t-shirt underneath. Additionally, my preferred pair of white leather sneakers. And a straightforward small black bag.

This casual look with black jeans is perfect for everyday use. On an ordinary day out, I would most certainly wear it.

This is ideal for daily use. The things that we are doing right now, such as rushing to the grocery store, picking up the kids from school, and going out.

It is the ideal outfit given the beautiful weather at the moment. This outfit is one I’ll use a lot and is a pleasant, laid-back way to wear a pair of black jeans.

Style 6

I pulled out my black moto jacket for my final look. I had to give you a black outfit because I love the color black so much.

Since moto jackets obviously have a bit more of an edgy vibe, I wanted to give you a more casual look rather than matching it with a pair of black combat boots or something similar.

I paired white Golden Goose dupe sneakers with them. I love them completely and totally. It gives the outfit a very carefree look. If you’re running errands, it’s incredibly practical and casual.

The only other items I had were a black cross body bag, and a gray t-shirt.

I’m telling you, it looks so put together and lovely while still being quite comfortable. If you want to switch out the t-shirt, choose one that is very easy to pair. It won’t matter what color is underneath; it will still look great.

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So that’s it. Six ways I like to wear black jeans.

how to wear black jeans women

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