How to Look Expensive in Jeans For Women

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How to Look Expensive in Jeans

Is it true that wearing jeans is not elegant?

Absolutely not; it’s not the case at all!

But if you want to look elegant and expensive, there is a very precise reason why I don’t advise wearing certain jeans.

Let’s go right to the reasons I want women to steer clear of particular jeans when dressing elegantly.

When we choose to dress in an elegant manner, it is not just because we want to feel good about ourselves; we also do it because we want to stand out from the crowd to some degree.

We don’t want to dress in the same way as every other woman in the world. And the majority of women wear jeans.

This is due to the fact that it is the item of wardrobe that is worn the most frequently, as well as the fact that it is incredibly convenient to wear on and is a fundamental component of most women’s wardrobes.

You need to start considering what clothing will elevate you if you truly wish to depart from your old self.

Although jeans won’t make you look better, they can still be a part of your wardrobe. How to make it work is what I’m going to talk about.

Texture of Jeans

Definitely pay attention to the texture of the jeans. Because it is both thick and hefty, it causes us to appear wider than we actually are.

Overall, jeans have a very relaxed, slightly masculine look. You need to be extremely careful about the type of jeans you choose to wear to avoid going off as more relaxed, casual, or even masculine.

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What Jeans to Avoid?

My least favorite pair of blue jeans are the skinny ones. They are the most widely worn jeans out there, though.

The ironic part is that most body types do not look good in skinny jeans. Women with particularly long, slender legs can benefit from them. On the other hand, most of us do not have that.

When wearing skinny jeans, most people resemble stuffed sausages. Wearing skinny jeans makes us look both bulkier and shorter.

I always look shorter, bigger, bulkier, and heavier in skinny jeans than I do in my other jeans.

When you wear tight-fitting jeans, they highlight the width of your legs and make you appear bulkier. This always happens with flats, boots, and sneakers, which is what most women wear.

It’s really because it does cut off the leg. Also, the bulkier the shoe you’re wearing, the shorter your legs appear because you’re adding bulk at the very bottom.

It’s acceptable to wear skinny jeans as long as you can pair them with heels, which lengthen the leg, possibly inside boots.

Which other jeans should you avoid away from?

The mom jeans give off a very masculine appearance that standard fitted jeans don’t, and they are rather unattractive.

For obvious reasons, I would definitely stay away from ripped jeans. Simply put, they appear cheap, inappropriate, and a little too carefree.

Additionally, stay away from the dazzling jeans. It’s not 2001 anymore.

It’s not impossible to make these jeans look elegant, even though I advise against wearing these kinds of jeans.

Women that know how to style themselves, women with excellent styling abilities, can wear any pair of jeans because they know how to wear jeans and make it look elegant in their unique way.

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However, I’m speaking about the general public here, and most ladies lack advanced styling abilities.

Color of Jeans

The color plays a significant role as well.

Typical traditional blue jeans give a look that is extremely common.

The standard blue jean look will not elevate you or make you appear expensive or elegant.

White is my preferred color for jeans. Compared to the standard traditional blue jeans, white jeans are actually simpler to style. That’s because you can wear essentially any color on top. Frequently, not every top color complements blue jeans.

I am aware that some people may not be fans of white since they think it will be difficult to keep it clean. People have this misconception that if they wear white clothes they would get dirty all the time, but I believe this to be a fiction. It does happen occasionally, but all you need to do in such case is throw it in the washing machine.

I would absolutely choose a really dark blue if I were to pick a different color to wear as jeans. I find them to be extremely stylish.

How Do We Wear Jeans Elegantly

I frequently get asked if I wear jeans, and I do. Even at home, I wear jeans. My house jeans are a size too big for me.

I prefer to wear a cozy top, especially during the fall and winter seasons. I adore v-necklines.

Wearing bright colors, rather than colors that are deeper in tone, makes me feel more confident than when I’m wearing colors that are deeper in tone.

Like any other item of clothing, jeans certainly have their place and time. But if I were going to a private members’ club, a cocktail party, or a nice dining place, I wouldn’t put jeans. It’s unsuitable and way too casual for the setting.

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I’ll replace my jeans with more tailored trousers because they elevate my look better and make me feel more elegant than jeans do.

By the way, if you want to look better on casual occasions, avoid the jeans and opt for a pair of well-tailored pants. This will make you look a lot more expensive, I promise.

Additionally, I believe that bootcut and flare jeans look amazing when worn with heels. When the legs get really long and elongated, you look tall because the shoes are being hidden by the flared or bootcut pants.

Absolutely any body type can wear jeans in this amazing way.

There is one more suggestion I feel compelled to give.

Wear jeans as a dress.

There are some really lovely jeans dresses you can get, and that looks incredibly feminine. Don’t pass up the opportunity.

Jeans are the way to go if you are someone who is a little bit older but you want to dress like someone younger. Jeans look more youthful. You will appear younger if you wear more jeans in your wardrobe.

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