10 Different Types of Denim Jeans

 Different Types of Denim Jeans

There are many different types of denim jeans, including flared, kickflared, cropped, skinny, boyfriend, girlfriend, and mom jeans.

It might be quite perplexing. But you don’t have to worry about that since I’m going to break out the types of the denim jeans in this article.

Jeans are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe, especially for women who remain at home or work from home.

There are many different types of jeans, so it’s critical to know what’s available and what they are.

So let’s get going.


Flare jeans are the first style of jean I want to discuss. Fitted through the legs, it features a bottom that is broader and flares out from the knee down.

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There is a slight decline in the popularity of flare jeans in comparison to cropped and skinny jeans. You can still wear flared jeans, though.

The flare jean’s ability to balance out a bottom curvy physique is what I love about them. Therefore, a flare does tend to balance out your curves quite a bit if you have larger hips, buttocks, or thighs.

If you’re petite, it also helps you appear taller and longer.

The flare comes in a variety of styles. You can go however flared you want.


One of the more recent types is the kickflare. It typically looks like a baby flare and is a cropped jean.

Although it flares out from the knee down, it is a baby flare that is fitted via the legs, fitted to the knee, and then flaring out from there. They are cropped, and the bottom flares out somewhat.

A kickflare would be a terrific choice if you’re looking for something new, modern, and fresh.


Cropped jeans are yet another fantastic choice to consider. Simply said, it means the hemline is shorter. It strikes midway between the shin bone and the ankle bone.

Are petite people best suited for cropped jeans?

No, however if you’re petite and want to maintain the line longer, you can easily wear a dark bootie with your cropped jean or any dark shoe that will mix in with the denim.

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You will still appear long and tall if you are wearing a black bootie with a pair of darker cropped jeans.

Any type of silhouette can be worn with cropped jeans. It can be the skinny, the kickflare, or the straight leg.


The skinny jean comes next. They are eternal. They don’t go away. The leg of the skinny jean is tapered all the way down to the ankle, creating a fitted appearance.

You shouldn’t wear something really big if you’re petite. On a small frame, the fitted jean looks better.

One of the most flattering jeans available is the dark washed skinny jean. Classic and versatile as well.


The boyfriend jean is designed to make you appear to be wearing your boyfriend’s pair of jeans. It fits more loosely and baggily. They typically have a lower hip position. The jean has a lower rise.

It is more slouchy and baggy than fitted through the legs.

In contrast to the typical, more conventional boyfriend, there is also a slim boyfriend. The traditional is a little more fitted than the slim boyfriend.

The slim boyfriend is the way to go if you are small-framed or petite. If you’re not sure about the oversized baggy jean, that can be a nice transitional jean for you. The slim boyfriend is a good compromise.


The girlfriend jean comes next. Not the same as the boyfriend jean. It sits higher on the hips and has a higher rise than the girlfriend jean.

Additionally, it has a more tailored fit through the legs and is typically constructed of hard denim that has little give or stretch.

The girlfriend jean is typically highly flattering because it is more fitted and less slouchy.


The mom jean has a higher rise than the girlfriend jean. The mom jean, on the other hand, is typically much higher.

These are the jeans that have a terrible reputation and have long been the target of ridicule.

The mom jean is made of that stiff, rigid, more traditional denim that doesn’t stretch much. They fit a little bit baggier at the hips and zipper area before being generally tapered through the leg.

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The trouser jean is the next style, which is just a pair of jeans that mimics a pair of trousers. It looks more like a pant than a pair of jeans.

These are excellent for the office, especially on a casual Friday, and they may be rather beautiful.


The bootcut jean is unique because it resembles a baby flare in some ways. It is fitted through the leg before slightly flaring out at the bottom. It does a great job of framing the boot. The general concept behind a boot cut is that.

However, it’s rare to find bootcut jeans these days. Is that to say you can’t wear them? No, you may still wear them, although they aren’t the trendiest looking.

Straight Leg

The straight leg jean is the next type of jean. Because it only has a straight leg, the definition is relatively straightforward.

You should not worry about what it is because it is simply a straight leg.

Design Details

I’ve discussed the different denim jean types, but each pair of jeans has a different design.


Distressing is the first detail that a jean buyer might consider. You all are aware that’s just another way of saying holes.

There is a great deal of distressing and some minor distressing. Depending on your preferences, you can select the level of distressing.

Frayed Hem

The bottom of the frayed hem has a small bit of fluff.

The undone hem on this pair of jeans is an additional detail that is both fashionable and on-trend. The seam appears to have been let out at the bottom.


The stripes are the next detail in the design. It’s like a pair of track pants, but for jeans.

The placement of stripes is typically quite flattering since it gives the illusion of a slimmer leg.

Fringe Bottom

The fringe bottom is the next feature, not to be confused with the frayed hem. There are some with three-inch-long fringes, but the majority have only a slight fringe.

Fringe is a terrific alternative if your style is more bohemian and you want something a little funkier.

Split Seam

The other one is the split seam. The seam at the bottom of the jean is split there, creating a slit.

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A bootie or a beautiful pair of shoes look fantastic when they are framed by a split seam.

Embellished & Embroidered

You have some type of adornment on your jeans, like pearls, studs, or anything similar. Additionally, the thread gives your jeans a design or print.

Try them out if that fits your unique style and personality. No doubt, it’s quite contemporary.


Another prominent feature is the zipper, which may be seen at the hemline as well as the hips.

Because it lets you change how the jean fits over a bootie or a shoe, the zipper hem is a useful feature.

The zip hem’s only drawback is that it presents a significant challenge if you need to shorten your jeans. Simply said, you shouldn’t buy a pair if you have any doubts about how long they will be.


Patchwork or a contrasting jean panel is another detail. A dark panel of denim is followed by a lighter panel of denim.

If it’s put correctly, that can actually work to slim down the leg and provide the illusion of a slimmer leg.

Additionally, a patchwork jean occasionally has a seam running down the middle. That will also work to maintain the longer, thinner appearance of your leg.


The ruffle hem is a more recent design detail. It is precisely how it sounds. A ruffle can be seen at the bottom of the pair of jeans.

Uneven Hem

The step hem or uneven hem is the last detail I want to discuss.

You can have it such that the front is higher and the back is lower. Alternately, it might be more zigzag. Or it could be more like a point or a V. Or a hemline that is more asymmetrical.

I hope that clarified the confusion over denim. I hope this helped you understand the different types of denim jeans.

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