How to Buy Women’s Jeans (10 Tips)

how to buy women's jeans

A fantastic pair of jeans is a wardrobe must-have, but many women find choosing the perfect pair to be a complete nightmare.

In this article, I’ll explain why, as well as discuss ten frequent blunders that we all make when shopping for jeans.

So, here are ten frequent mistakes to avoid when looking for the perfect pair of jeans.

Trust Your Instincts

When you try on a pair of jeans, your gut instinct is 99.9% correct.

However, we frequently have to force ourselves into a pair of jeans.

We’ll go out of the dressing room, despite the fact that they don’t feel right, and try to persuade ourselves to buy them because they’re fashionable or because the store clerk says they look great.

But if you’re having to do this, it’s quite likely that those jeans aren’t appropriate for you right now, and they won’t be right for you in the future.


The size and placement of the pocket on your jeans has a significant impact on how they appear on you.

When it comes to pocket size and placement, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Your butt will appear larger if you have small pockets.

Pockets that are too low on the buttocks can make your buttocks appear longer.

Pockets that are too broad can elongate your hips.

The Rise

The rise is the key to a truly great-fitting pair of jeans.

The rise is just the distance between the waistband and the crotch area of the jean. The rise refers to the height of the denim in relation to your waist.

The greater the rise, the higher the jean will sit above your waist, and the lower the rise, the lower the denim will sit below your waist.

If you’re particularly petite, the secret to wearing jeans with a petite shape is to stay away from extremes. Nothing too high, but also nothing too low as well.

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It’s all about finding a happy medium and avoiding extremes. A tiny body type will be entirely thrown off balance by a jean that is either too high rise or too low rise.


Like any other trendy item, jean sizing varies greatly. Every brand will have a different fit for you.

If you’re in a store and aren’t sure which sizes to bring with you into the changing room, this easy tip of measuring the waistband of the jeans around your neck will always work.

I know it sounds strange, but the measurement of your waist and the circumference of your neck are nearly identical.

If you’re unsure about the size to get, simply wrap the jeans around your neck. I understand that it appears to be a little ridiculous.

But it does work, and it will save you some time by making it easier to take in sizes that will truly work.

Avoid Crotch Mistake

When you’re looking for a pair of jeans or trying them on, one of the worst things that may happen is that you get the dreaded camel toe.

It happens, and the reason for it is because we frequently do what I refer to as the crotch mistake.

Simply put, this means selecting a pair of jeans with an excessively lengthy gap between the zipper and the crotch.

This brings attention to that place and highlights it, which is not where you want the emphasis of your jeans to be.

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Choose Dark Denim ​

We all know that denim comes in every imaginable wash these days, but if you want to appear thinner and leaner, choose a darker wash.

I’d even go so far as to argue that everyone should have a pair of black skinny jeans in their closet.

They’re a terrific wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down and are a great go-to pair of trousers.

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You should also pay attention to the wash on different types of jeans.

A lighter, more distressed panel runs down the center of the legs on many jeans these days.

This is always really appealing since it leads the eye down the body and gives the appearance of length.

But I’ve seen ones that stop at the knee, which effectively cuts your legs in half and gives the idea that they’re shorter.

To achieve the most attractive look, everything should be designed to create the illusion of length and a continuous line.

When shopping for a pair of distressed denim jeans with lighter washes and faded areas, pay close attention to what that wash is doing.

You want it to extend, therefore it should be long and slender, rather than washing stopping at your knee, which would effectively cut you in two and is never attractive.

Spend More

If you’re going to the trouble of trying on numerous pairs of jeans, I believe it’s also worthwhile to spend a little extra money.

You will benefit from a better fit as well as increased longevity.

Because the denim, cotton, and elastin utilized are of higher quality, they will last longer, hold their shape longer, and generally look and fit better.

So put a little more money into it. I’m not talking about spending a little fortune on expensive jeans.

However, spend as much as you can because you’ll end up with a superior pair of jeans and be much satisfied with them in the long run.

No Hot Dryer

Denim jeans are commonly thought to be quite hard wearing, yet they are not as hardy as we believe.

Elastin is now found in almost all jeans. Stretch jeans are popular among us since they are really comfy.

However, if we place the jeans in a hot dryer, the elastin, which is similar to a plastic wire, tends to melt, causing the pants to lose their elasticity.

When you first put them on, they’ll be tight and beautiful, but after a few of hours of wear, they’ll stretch out.

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The most common cause of this is because you’ve put them in a hot dryer, and the elastin hasn’t been able to withstand the abuse that the dryer has inflicted.

Basically, you should take care of your jeans and avoid putting them in a too hot drier.

Break The Rules

It’s also crucial to remember that there are times when we must deviate from the rules.

I attempted to keep the number of rules in this article to a minimum. Because I believe we get so wrapped up in what we can and cannot accomplish in the fashion industry that we close ourselves off to a lot of possible opportunities.

When my friend and I went shopping for her jeans, it was a classic. Boyfriend jeans are more difficult to wear on a tiny frame. They have a tendency to suffocate you and make a tiny frame appear shorter.

However, we tried on a few pairs since she wanted to see if she could fit into some boyfriend jeans. It’s a look she’d always wanted to try on.

We eventually found her a pair that not only looked terrific, but also fit well and were quite flattering on her little frame.

Never say never is the moral of the story.

Don’t be put off by rigid fashion guidelines.

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