8 Denim Trends Fall 2022

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Denim Trends Fall 2022

The most recent denim trends are the focus of this article. We’ll be looking at a lot of denim as we go out to conduct our fall shopping and browse various sources of inspiration for fall styles.

So I was interested in seeing what the runway had in store.


The utilitarian trend was the first new denim trend I noticed on the runways.

It’s a denim type that is quite practical. There are some pockets on the front or sides of it. It made me think of cargo pants for males.

However, they were a little bit more attractive this year. They might be a little more sleek and have a bit of hoops on the side.

This was the type of look we were observing. A few of them took things to an extreme. Some were more simplistic, but still quite functional.

Due to my unique body shape, I don’t really picture myself wearing this style of denim. I don’t really seem to opt for adding additional volume to my bottom half very often.

Even if the denim is looser-fitting, the pockets will just increase the amount of bulk there.

This would be a pretty cute and youthful look. But I’m going to pass on it completely. It truly depends on how it is executed, so if you think you would love this trend, definitely give it a shot.

Straight Leg

The following denim style, straight leg denim, is my favorite style.

It is universally attractive on a wide variety of female body types. It definitely helps to elongate and lengthen that body.

You’ll notice that it fits a little bit looser and actually extends from your thigh all the way down to your ankle.

A little bit of a full length look might be seen on some of the runways. They were wearing it with heels, and some of them also had on a type of shoe that was much shorter.

Overall, this is a style that can be worn by just about everyone and with any type of shoe.

You can choose between a somewhat looser straight leg and a straight leg with a thinner cut. The difference between those slimmer cuts and skinny jeans is that the ankle will not be too snug around your ankle. There will be a little bit extra width for you.

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I usually cut mine so they are just above the ankle bone when I wear them so I can wear them with any kind of shoe.

I’ve tried the full length, which is what’s appearing on the runways more and more. I discovered that they look particularly lovely when worn with high heels or a slim boot.

Once you achieve that full length, though, your options are slightly more constrained. It makes it a little bit challenging.

With these straight leg jeans, however, anything is possible in terms of length, and they are undoubtedly quite fashionable for the fall.

Low Rise and Loose

For me, these are a definite no.

These are quite baggy and have a very low rise, to start.

I tried this trend, and it’s incredibly challenging to pull off after you’re over 40.

You’re noticing two things that are really difficult for the majority of women: a jean with a lower rise and one that is quite baggy around the leg.

This trend can be ideal for you if you are six feet tall and one hundred pounds. Or a great trend if you’re 15 or younger.

I’m not sure how many women over 40 will love this fall trend.

If you have belly problems or a tummy that isn’t particularly toned, it’s not a great look.

Additionally, if your lower half is short, wearing pants with a very loose fit and a very low rise will just make your legs look even shorter and squatter.

High Rise and Loose

They at least got this one somewhat right. Its high rise is something I like.

The fact to completely conceal my stomach area is something I appreciate.

The main deciding aspect is going to be how loose is loose. I simply don’t really see myself wearing those types of jeans if they have an excessively billowy or flowy look to them, or if they are too big.

But I appreciate that they will give some women some choices. If you want the loose fit but don’t like the low rise, going the high rise and loose will still keep you in trend.

I think the extra high rise is a great concept because it may be very wearable and flattering.

I just can’t get on board with these incredibly wide, loose legs. However, I can easily see how this would actually work for some body shapes. There are some women who are really slim and want to add a bit of weight to their lower half.

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Maxi Denim Skirt

I’m glad to see this garment on the denim trend runways.

Everything from a midi skirt—which extends halfway down your leg—to a full-length maxi skirt is currently in style.

This is decorated with embellishments, a small bit of patchwork, and a variety of colors. In addition, we observe variations in the skirt’s tightness. Some of them may have a maxi skirt that is slightly more fitting and pencil-like. Some of them will look far more billowy than others.

Almost everything is acceptable for this style of skirt. The length and degree of looseness are the only differences that will matter to you.

If it’s something they’re interested in, women over 40 could probably wear this trend with ease. It’s wonderful to see that fashion trends aren’t limited to these edgy young girl looks.

Oversized Denim Jacket

Another one that I truly feel conflicted about is this one.

Denim jackets are beautiful and classic.  However, they are really emphasizing the relaxed denim jacket look this season. Definitely making them a little bit bigger, a little bit more like a borrowed boyfriend’s jacket or that trucker style denim jacket.

On the correct body type, these can be really cute. This look is lovely and is rocked by a lot of women.

It can look odd and throw off your proportions if you have larger shoulders and a smaller torso.

Whether you prefer it to be more loose or a little bit more classic and fitted really just depends on your body type.

I prefer a little bit more of a fitting, cropped style denim jacket over these huge baggier ones.

However, I love denim jackets. You should have it in your closet because it is a timeless classic.

Raw Hem

The following trend, raw hems, is one that has been around for a little while and is still popular this season.

Everything has it, including the raw hems on your jeans, skirts, and even denim jackets. In fact, the bottom hem of a denim jacket I recently purchased had been cut off, resulting in a raw hem.

I simply think it’s a great approach to generate a relaxed, casual feel.

One of the things we also noticed on the runway is that they frequently style them with these more polished items to give it a more polished, messy, carefree type of feel.

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If you are short, you will love this because it makes getting the ideal length for your jeans incredibly simple.

Any pair of jeans would work for this, but for some reason it seems challenging to cut a very nice hem off of a pair of jeans. However, if it has a raw hem, I simply measure it where I want it to be, cut it off immediately, and now I have the ideal length.

Therefore, if you are someone who is on the shorter side, this is a trend that you are going to simply adore, and it is extremely fashionable at the moment.

Puddle Jeans

This trend, which is known as puddle jeans, is one that you should consider trying out if you want to avoid the hassle of having to hem your jeans at any point.

This is a pair of jeans with additional material at the bottom that gathers around the ankle area and simply lays there, resembling a small puddle around your legs.

How I feel about this trend is up in the air. Just hem your jeans, please. Why does the excess fabric around your foot’s bottom linger there?

However, this look of jean is typically worn with a wider leg jean. Although I have seen photographs where it had a straighter leg and the additional fabric was just hanging there, it definitely has a slouchier look.

This trend can be a little bit more challenging for you to follow if you are someone who is on the taller side. If you are on the shorter side, though, you will probably wear these jeans pretty much every day.

I sincerely doubt that I’ll take part in the puddle jeans. Having this extra material that I step on all day long is not something I think will work for my body or even for my lifestyle.

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