What Colors to Wear With Navy Blue?

What Colors to Wear With Navy Blue?

In this article I’m focusing on navy color and what colors to wear with navy blue.

One of my favorite colors is navy. It’s a very elegant and refined color.

I’m going to discuss a variety of ways you may wear navy with various colors if you have anything in your wardrobe that is navy.


I’ll start with one of my personal favorite color combinations: navy and burgundy. What a combination! Together, it just looks terrific, opulent, and expensive.

There are many beautiful ways to make this combination work.

Add a burgundy top to some navy pants or perhaps really dark blue jeans. Possibly a burgundy blazer.  If you can find a scarf in similar colors, that’s even better.

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The print and all those colors look wonderful together.

You could switch things up by wearing burgundy trousers instead, although this will be more difficult to pull off for the simple reason that burgundy pants are not a standard component of everyone’s wardrobe.

You may try wearing that with a navy sweater or a navy blazer over a printed shirt.

You may try wearing only burgundy underneath and a stunning navy blue coat.

I wear a burgundy dress with burgundy boots and a navy blazer. Another way I wear it is with a navy blue dress, a cardigan, and burgundy boots. With a navy dress, burgundy boots certainly look terrific.


The color combination of blue and green is said to be unappealing, although I’m not sure why as it looks awesome.

I believe it looks amazing how the Princess of Wales combined the colors with the white. If you have some cargo or jogger style pants and a loose navy blazer, you may try a very similar look more casually.

Wearing a navy trench coat and navy top would be an alternative.

If you have a green top in your wardrobe, you might try this and add a navy cardigan.

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I wear a navy jacket and a navy cardigan with a plaid shirt that is blue and green.


Brown and navy make a lovely fall color combination. Together, they work quite well.

You might be able to pair your navy dress with some brown items, such as a brown bag, brown boots, and possibly a brown belt.

Maybe you have a brown sweater or cardigan that would look good with a pair of navy pants or a skirt and a brown belt.

You might own a pair of chocolate brown pants that would look great with a navy top and a navy coat. Alternatively, if you have a brown coat, try layering it over a dress or top and pants combination in navy.


Try navy and red if you like a little bit of color. Together, they look great and are quite simple to put together.

The easiest way to wear this combo is to wear full navy with red shoes or with a red bag because few individuals have red trousers in their wardrobes.

A red bag would be the one item I’d suggest someone add to their wardrobe. They make a wonderful addition to a wardrobe and go well with so many other hues.

I pair these colors with all navy, including my blazer, shirt, and pants. I also carry a red bag. I tried wearing only navy, along with a dress, a cardigan, and a red bag. I’ve tried wearing a red coat with navy underneath.

White and Beige

The three-color combination of navy with beige or camel and white works well. Together, these three look great.

You might choose to wear white bottoms, such as jeans or other types of white trousers, a camel or beige top, and a navy jacket, coat, or cardigan. Another option is to wear a white shirt with a navy bottom and try camel or beige.

You may also try wearing navy bottoms. White top with a camel coat or jacket.

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Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is a color that complements navy beautifully. These two work well together as a pair.

This color combination is unusually well-liked among wedding attendees and wedding attire. However, it is not necessary to save it for special occasions.

You can wear the contrasting color on top and the one or the other color on the bottom.

You’re more likely to have some navy bottoms in at least one style in your wardrobe. Try wearing pink top and navy trousers.

You might try the three-way color combo with white jeans or some other white trousers, a pink top, and a navy blazer. You could also add some white to that.

I’ve put this color combo with a pink trench coat, navy underneath, and a pink bag. This color combo is appealing to me. I believe it gives the navy a somewhat more feminine appearance.

Pastel Blue

However, navy also looks lovely when paired with pastel blue. You might frequently find this color combo in an office setting. Typically worn with a blue shirt and navy-colored trousers or as part of a suit.

However, if you want to avoid an office-appropriate look, try the combination with a pleated skirt and sweater. With that, you may add some white.

I’ve tried pairing white top, navy trousers, and a light blue jacket. I also like to add a small bit of tan, like a bag or a belt, to this combo.


One of those color combinations that you either love or detest is navy and black. I truly didn’t like it till recently. The colors are just a little too similar in my opinion and seem off.

But my viewpoint has entirely changed.

Wear it with all-black beneath and a navy coat for a very carefree and informal look. You could pair that with white trainers and add a black bag and perhaps a hat to it.

With some formal trousers, a very similar look may be given a little more polish. I gave it a shot wearing the navy cardigan, black sweater, and black trousers.

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Basically, any black item, including skirts, blouses, and dresses, might be worn with that combination. I enjoy wearing a navy shirt and black trousers. A satin or silk one looks great.

Another three-way color combination that works well is the one I tried with gray underneath.


Although I wouldn’t consider this color combination as classic, it still looks lovely. It is yellow, particularly a mustard yellow, and navy.

It won’t be simple for many of us to try this because it’s not necessarily a popular color.

You might have something yellow in your wardrobe that you’ve forgotten about but it would try good with navy.


Navy and white is the most classic combination with this color. Together, it just looks so classy. It is among my favorites without a doubt.

There are a lot of wonderful ways to make this combo work. You could put together an all-navy outfit with some white shoes.

You may try this with sneakers, like I did with some white belly flats.

When worn with white bottoms, a navy top, and a coat, I love it. It looks so pristine and new.

If you were to try the same look with a white coat, you could do it in reverse and it would look stunning.


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