How to Wear Leggings

How to Wear Leggings

This video discusses the fashion item of leggings and offers various styling tips and ideas for incorporating them into a well-dressed woman’s wardrobe. Here are more details about the content of the video:

Introduction to Leggings: The video begins by introducing leggings as a somewhat controversial but essential wardrobe item. It mentions that leggings are often a guilty pleasure for many women but are currently being promoted by designers as a cutting-edge fashion choice.

Styling Tips for Leggings:

  • Longer Line Tops: The video suggests that leggings look best when paired with longer line tops to avoid any unflattering sagging or discomfort.
  • Sweaters and Knits: Loose-fitting sweaters, particularly cream-colored knits, are recommended for a classy and polished look when combined with black leggings. Gold jewelry can be added to enhance the overall appearance.
  • Layering Options: Leggings can be layered with shirts, blazers, and coats, providing versatility for different seasons and occasions.
  • Footwear Choices: The video highlights various footwear options to pair with leggings, including ballet flats, Mary Jane flats, knee-high boots, and even trainers for a more casual everyday look.

Leggings for Boot Season: It is suggested that leggings become an essential wardrobe item during boot season. All-black ensembles with black sweaters, leggings, and riding boots are recommended for a classic look. The video also suggests pairing leggings with brown boots for a different style.

Leggings and Ankle Boots: The video highlights the on-trend combination of leggings with ankle boots. Rosie Huntington Whiteley is mentioned as an example of someone who looks great in this outfit, particularly when paired with a long line coat or a poncho.

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Poncho and Leggings: The speaker discusses how ponchos complement leggings well and serve as a great cover-up option, especially for a country chic style.

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Layering with Cardigans: The video suggests wearing leggings with long cardigans, either layered with shirts or all-black outfits, with the option of belting the cardigan for a chic look.

Capsule Wardrobe: The video concludes by mentioning that leggings can be a valuable addition to a capsule wardrobe for autumn and winter seasons, providing versatility in styling.

Overall, the video offers detailed fashion advice on how to wear leggings stylishly and incorporates sponsor mentions and recommendations for specific products.

How to Wear Leggings

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