Old Money Fashion Style Women (4 Tips)

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Old Money Fashion Style Women

This video is discussing four tips for dressing like an old money woman.

The first tip is to assess, refine, and polish your look once you have figured out what looks good on your body. This will allow you to shop more effectively and avoid falling victim to trends.

The second tip is to assess and review what you used to wear in the past, as sometimes old items can still work well with a little tweaking.

The third tip is to learn the basics, including buying the highest quality you can afford, ensuring that your items are well presented, and maintaining good grooming habits.

The fourth and final tip is to be confident in your own style, as it is ultimately what sets you apart and makes you unique.

Throughout the video, the presenter discusses how dressing like an old money woman is not necessarily about being wealthy, but rather about embodying timeless elegance and presenting oneself in a polished and poised manner.

She also provides examples of specific items of clothing and grooming habits that can contribute to this image, such as wearing high-quality fabrics, avoiding ripped clothing, and maintaining a natural and fresh appearance with hair and nails.

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