What Not to Wear This Spring 2023?

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What Not to Wear This Spring 2023?

This video is about 10 fashion trends for Spring 2023 that the presenter, Leonie, thinks should be avoided.

The video starts with Leonie saying that there are some beautiful spring trends on offer this year, but there are also some that are not worth wasting money on, and she focuses on the latter.

Leonie then proceeds to discuss each trend in turn and gives her reasons for why she thinks it should be avoided.

The first trend she discusses is “Perfectly Imperfect” clothes, which are distressed with undone seams and hemlines. She believes that this trend does not stand the test of time and is a little tricky to make look polished and pulled together, so it’s not suitable for those who want to look put together, sophisticated, and stylish.

The second trend she discusses is super sheer fabrics, which have been having a moment in fashion. She thinks that while this look can be pretty and elegant, it requires a lot of thought and effort when it comes to styling, as you need to think about what to wear underneath. She advises that if you don’t like to spend a lot of time creating outfits and looks, then this is a trend to avoid.

The third trend on Leonie’s list is low-rise jeans and pants. She admits that some people may be excited to hear that the high rise is coming down a little bit, but she thinks that high-rise jeans are more stylish and elongate your legs, while low-rise jeans can be tricky to wear and can make you look shorter.

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Leonie also discusses trends such as big, oversized coats, neon colors, and chunky, platform shoes, and explains why she thinks they should be avoided. Throughout the video, she provides some styling tips and suggestions to help viewers navigate the spring trends and avoid fashion disasters.

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