Quiet Luxury Fashion Aesthetic

Quiet Luxury Fashion

This video discusses the concept of quiet luxury fashion and its various names, such as stealth wealth, old money aesthetic, and how to look expensive.

Quiet luxury is a concept of attaining a high-end, timeless look with confidence. It highlights a departure from rigid and traditional clothing cuts, with a shift towards more relaxed and current styles while maintaining high quality.

It emphasizes high quality and beautifully made pieces over exorbitant prices. Understanding what makes something high quality and built to last is important for achieving this aesthetic.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of educating oneself about what constitutes high quality in order to avoid being deceived by high price tags.

The video suggests avoiding clothing with obvious logos to distance oneself from specific brands and to maintain the understated elegance of quiet luxury.

The speaker recommends selecting clothing pieces that are versatile, moderate in style, and can be easily mixed and matched across different seasons.

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Developing a personal color palette is encouraged, including foundational colors such as navy, white, camel, burgundy, and gray, while also customizing them to suit individual preferences.

Choosing smaller prints over larger ones is suggested to maintain a formal and classic aesthetic.

The video concludes with the importance of personalization and having the confidence to tweak fashion recommendations to suit one’s own style.

The overall goal is to build a wardrobe that exudes timeless luxury, allows for enjoyment over an extended period, and leaves room for experiences and other expenditures beyond fashion.

Quiet Luxury Aesthetic

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