How to Choose Colors to Look Younger

Colors to Look Younger

This video focuses on how to use color to enhance one’s appearance and look younger. The video starts by emphasizing the importance of being confident about oneself and how color can help boost that confidence.

The host explains how to pick the right hair color, match colors with natural coloring, and combine colors in the most flattering way.

The video also offers a straightforward test that helps identify one’s color type, whether it’s cool, warm, or neutral. By answering five simple questions, viewers can get a personalized color palette that can help them choose colors that suit them best.

The video goes on to explain that the colors worn in the portrait zone are essential in enhancing one’s appearance. Good colors work as a reflector, highlighting the face, making it look bolder, fresher, and younger, while bad colors work in the opposite way, projecting shadows to the face, making it look dull, tired, and emphasizing imperfections.

The host emphasizes the importance of temperature in choosing colors, and she provides examples of color combinations that complement and clash with different natural coloring types.

She also discusses hair color and its impact on one’s appearance, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right temperature and not going darker than one’s natural hair color.

The video concludes by cautioning against wearing black, which is a high contrast color and can be harsh on certain skin types, especially if worn head to toe. The host recommends more multi-complicated coloring with highlights in different shades to create a softer look that works more flatteringly for women in more mature age.

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