The Longest Hair in The World

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Aliia Nasyrova is used to people turning their heads after her, mostly because of her incredibly long and luxurious hair.

To be more precise, its length is 2.57 meters (8 ft. 5.3 in), which is why it recently became the proud owner of a Guinness record.

Alia is a native of Ukraine, while she was presented as a world record holder in the Italian TV series “Lo Show dei Record”.

The thirty-five-year-old is 165 centimeters tall, and she has never had a “proper” haircut in her life.

She wants her record to “inspire people to enjoy beauty and be natural.”

Alija lives in Slovakia, where she works in art, graphic design, and works as a long hair model.

Her biggest inspiration is her mother and grandmother, who also had very long hair, but also the fairy-tale heroine Rapunzel, with whom she is compared.

She washes her hair once a week, which takes her about 30 minutes, with an additional two hours for applying the mask and packaging.

She doesn’t use a blow dryer and dries it naturally, which usually takes 24 hours!

“I only comb my hair when it’s dry, which takes an hour. I follow simple rules to keep her healthy. I don’t dye it and take natural preparations”, she revealed.

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