How to Do French Twist Updo, Tutorial

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French Twist Updo Long Hair

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add a little glamour to your look, try this French twist updo ! It’s easy to do and looks fantastic, no matter what you wear it with!

The tutorial focuses on creating a classic French Twist Updo hairstyle.

The process begins by selecting a crown section of the hair and tying it with a clear elastic. This step is done to add volume, and the tied section is folded to achieve a voluminous look.

A comb is used to gather hair from one side and bring it to the opposite side, and bobby pins are employed to secure and fix this section of the hairstyle in place.

French Twist Updo Tutorial

The remaining hair is then brushed to the opposite side, brought up, twisted to create a pocket, and the loose ends are tucked into this pocket. The overall construction of the twist is adjusted and fixed with the hands.

To ensure the hairstyle stays intact throughout the day, the tutorial recommends using bobby pins, especially if the hair is heavy.

Additionally, the video suggests finishing the look with hairspray if needed. The presenter also mentions hiding a higher crown section under the French twist for a smooth appearance.

How to Do French Twist Updo


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