Rose Gold Hair Color

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Rose Gold Hair Dye

Are you considering a vibrant change for your hair this season? Look no further than this captivating hair transformation showcased in this video.

It demonstrates the artistry and expertise of a talented hairstylist as she guides her client through a stunning rose gold hair makeover.

Rose Gold Hair Color

From the initial consultation to the final reveal, this transformation journey offers valuable insights into achieving a fashionable yet subtle hair color that’s perfect for any season.

Delve into the details of this mesmerizing hair transformation and discover expert tips for maintaining and rocking this trendy hue.

The video features hairstylist Amanda, who is also a salon owner and a Pul Bryant educator based in Huntington, New York.

Amanda’s client, Danielle, was seeking a change in her hair color, and they decided to go for a pink rose gold shade.

Amanda recommended the color based on her knowledge of Danielle’s skin tone, opting for a cooler shade of rose gold to complement it.

Rose Gold Hair Blonde

Before applying the pink color, Amanda used a purple shampoo and pre-toner to prepare Danielle’s hair, especially focusing on achieving the desired undertones.

Danielle already had blonde hair, which made it easier to achieve the desired result. Amanda mentions that the undertones on Danielle’s blonde hair were initially more on the golden side, which would help the pink color fade out into different shades of rose gold over time.

Pink Rose Gold Hair

Amanda provides maintenance advice, suggesting the use of color-safe shampoo, washing with cooler water, and reducing the frequency of hair washing to prolong the vibrancy of the color.

She emphasizes that pink hair can be flattering for anyone, regardless of their job or age, and encourages viewers to embrace vivid colors.

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Amanda expresses satisfaction with Danielle’s hair transformation, highlighting Danielle’s positive reaction to the new color.

How to Get Rose Gold Hair


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