Scandi Bob Haircut

Scandi Bob Haircuts

What Is a Scandi Bob?

  • A chin-length bob flipped to one side in an effortless manner.
  • Inspired by Nordic style, it’s minimalist with a clean, blunt edge.

Key Features of the Scandi Bob

  • Defined by its deep flip to the side instead of a traditional side part.
  • This flip creates volume and a signature shape, reflecting the minimalistic Nordic aesthetic.

How to Get the Scandi Bob

  • Ask for a blunt, jaw-length chop with a center part at the salon.
  • Bring reference images to help your stylist understand your desired look.

Who Suits This Hairstyle?

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  • Suitable for most hair types, though fine and straight hair may require less effort.
  • For curly hair, a few layers might be needed to shape it correctly.

Styling Tips

  • Styling is minimal, just flip the hair to the side.
  • Use volumizing mousse or spray at the roots for extra lift.
  • Apply styling wax or hairspray to hold the flip in place.

Future of the Scandi Bob

  • Likely to evolve with different textures and parting styles.
  • Emphasis on low-maintenance cuts expected to continue.


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