How to Wear Tuxedo, Men

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This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly wear a tuxedo. It covers everything from grooming and preparing before putting on the tuxedo to folding a pocket square for a classic straight fold or a three-point crown fold.

The video starts by advising the viewer to complete grooming and shaving before getting dressed, as well as brushing their teeth and using dental floss. It then proceeds to explain how to put on underwear and socks properly, ensuring that the socks are pulled up as high as they can go.

The video then focuses on putting on the shirt, emphasizing the use of studs to fasten the shirt rather than buttons. It explains the use of cufflinks and how to adjust the length of the sleeves using the buttons on the shirt cuff.

Next, the video covers how to properly put on the pants and tuck the shirt in, using a non-slip waistband to keep the shirt tucked in throughout the event. It also explains how to put on shoes and tie the tie, whether it’s a pre-tied necktie or bowtie.

The video concludes by explaining how to properly wear a vest or cummerbund and fasten the buttons on the jacket. It also includes instructions on how to fold a pocket square into a classic straight fold or a three-point crown fold.

Overall, the video provides comprehensive and detailed instructions on how to properly wear a tuxedo, including helpful tips and tricks for achieving a clean and polished look.

how to wear tuxedo men

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