How to Style & Wear Men’s Loafers

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how to style men's loafers

I’d like to discuss five different ways to wear and style loafers in this article.

The loafer is one of the most versatile shoes available to men.

That’s because loafers are versatile, dressy enough for almost any scenario below formal but never stuffy, and that’s what I’d like to emphasize in this article – the loafer’s versatility.

I’ve got outfits for any occasion, including suits, shorts, chinos, and everything in between.

Almost every guy will find something to like in here.

Style No. 1

One of my favorite looks is the first one. Wearing a quality unstructured suit with a pair of loafers is a terrific way to wear a warm weather suited look.

A lightweight blue cotton suit with caramel loafers is a fantastic outfit.

Loafers are a great way to break up the stiffness of a suit, and they’re especially appropriate for a summer outfit.

In the summer, an unstructured linen cotton suit is ideal, but you still want to look put-together. This is where the caramel loafers come into play.

Blue and brown are two colors that I have always like together. Brown shoes are usually a good choice because of their versatility and brown colors.

The basic white dress shirt is always a safe bet. With no tie but unbuttoning, it’s perfect for summer and warm weather.

So, when you want to do the suited and booted look but want to lighten things up a little, put on a warm weather suit and a fantastic pair of brown loafers.

Style No. 2

For the second look, I’ll continue to demonstrate the loafer’s versatility. This time, however, we’re going for a black horsebit loafer instead of the brown caramel penny loafers.

Another style for the warmer months, as we pair the loafers with chinos this time. Chinos and loafers are one of my favorite combinations.

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They are semi-formal and semi-casual. So it’s only natural that you’d be able to put it together.

A burgundy chino is one of the most underestimated colors of chinos that I adore.

If you want to go for a traditional preppy appearance, you can’t go wrong with black loafers and chinos paired with a beautiful polo shirt. The black and burgundy look great with a navy polo.

I adore the various varieties of loafers available, whether we’re talking about the penny loafer or a bit loafer with a little more intricacy.

Chinos, a polo shirt, and some loafers are a timeless classic style that looks nice on virtually every male.

Style No. 3

For our third look, I’d like to demonstrate the loafer’s versatility once more. They look great with practically any pair of pants. This applies to your favorite pair of jeans as well.

I replaced the black horsebit loafer with a pair of brown penny loafers and olive pants this time.

With these pennies and the jeans, I really like the brown and green color combination. Of course, teaming a blue polo shirt with olive trousers is always a good idea.

This is a nice, clean, and casual appearance that any guy can pull off.

You could have been tempted to wear sneakers, but a superb pair of penny loafers can take things up a notch without being stuffy.

I wore a polo shirt, some jeans, and some loafers 20 years ago, and I’ll wear them again in 10 years.

This is a fantastic vintage outfit that shows off the loafers’ versatility. Simply pair them with a polo shirt and your favorite pair of jeans.

Style No. 4

I wanted to show you that just because the temperature decreases doesn’t mean you have to put your loafers away.

With the black horsebit loafers and a pair of jeans, I have a terrific cool weather appearance.

This is yet another timeless aesthetic. The combo of a trouser and a loafer is one of my favorites.

Wearing a lovely sweater, some trousers, and loafers is one of the best things you can do in cooler or transitional weather.

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Remember that as the weather cools, you don’t have to put your loafers away. Simply pair them with some wonderful fall outfits, such as a sweater and slacks.

Style No. 5

We’re going to another warm weather look in the last and final look.

I’m wearing my loafers with a pair of shorts this time.

I enjoy the contrast of a beautiful lightweight sweater with a pair of shorts during the warmer months, especially on a summer night.

But it’s the fantastic dark brown leather loafers that I really want to spotlight in this outfit. The perforations in these loafers provide for breathability.

Grey and brown are two of my favorite color combinations. The grey in the lightweight sweater, brown in the shoes, and khaki in the shorts are all shades of grey.

This is a look that you can easily pull off on a sunny evening. The perforated loafers and shorts keep you cool on the bottom, but the sweater on top keeps you warm if it gets chilly.

How to Style Loafers For Men

3 Loafer Styles Every Man Should own

I’d want to discuss three loafer styles that every man should be familiar with.

Loafers are my favorite type of shoe because of their versatility. It’s what I like to refer to as an elegant casual shoe. Because a dressy outfit can be dressed up, and a casual look may be dressed down.

What is a loafer, exactly?

There are a few unique features.

It is inspired by and resembles a moccasin in certain ways. They both have an exposed ankle and have a welded seam (vamp) on the top. A loafer, on the other hand, has a distinct sole and heel, whereas a moccasin does not.

Let’s look at the three different loafer styles.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are the most popular and well-known loafer style. The GN Bass firm first introduced it in 1936.

A standard loafer already existed, but Bass modified it by adding a strap across the vamp and cutting a slot large enough to fit a penny.

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The traditional penny loafer, or the ordinary penny loafer, is not as long as it is now. The reason I prefer the newer version is that it is a little more dressy.

Without the loafers, this ensemble would look incredibly dressed down when worn with a white Henley and a pair of trousers. The loafers, on the other hand, dress things up a touch.

Tassel Loafers

The Alden shoe manufacturer first introduced them in 1950. They had a customer who liked penny loafers but preferred something more beautiful.

What they did was take an Oxford shoe with a tassel already attached and alter it to fit a loafer.

What I like about the tassel loafer is that it has the same elegance as a Brogue or Oxford, but it’s not as stuffy. So smooth, so versatile.

Horsebit Loafers

Every business you can think of now has a horsebit loafer. Gucci, on the other hand, was the designer and creator.

Gucci snatched the metal horse bit from a basic loafer and slung it over the vamp in 1953. This is how the horsebit loafer came to be.

I used to wear my khaki suit, blue shirt, and dark blue tie with a pair of cognac Gucci loafers.

It appears to be really good, but not stuffy. It has a lot of style and elegance.

how to wear loafers

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