6 Best Type of Shoes to Wear With Shorts

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Best Type of Shoes to Wear With Shorts

Here I’m talking about what type of shoes to wear with shorts.

Whether you’re one of those guys who wears shorts nine months out of the year or only wears them periodically during the summer, knowing the type of shoes to wear with shorts is critical.

The good thing is that you have a lot of options.

If you haven’t already done so, I recommend reading my post on how to wear shorts and how they should fit.

It’s all about shoes in this article.

Let’s talk about the types of shoes that can be worn with shorts. We’ll begin with the most formal and work our way down to the less formal options.


So, first and foremost, we have loafers.

The category of loafers is vast. Loafers come in a variety of types. I propose a more casual loafer with shorts because they are inherently casual.

Keep your velvet Belgium-style slippers at home. Consider a penny loafer made of leather or suede.

Loafers are the most mature of all the numerous types of shoes that you can wear with shorts; they’re the most preppy classic, compared to some of your other selections.

So keep that in mind.

Loafers are ideal for pairing with polo shirts or button-up shirts.

Depending on your preference, you can wear them with or without socks.

If you’re going to wear socks with your loafers, I suggest loafers socks, commonly known as no-show socks. You won’t look like you’re wearing socks this way.

You can’t go wrong with a traditional penny loafer in any shade of brown or tan, in either case. Navy blue is also one of my favorite colors.


The moccasin is the second type of shoe that can be worn with shorts.

Moccasins look excellent with shorts and a polo shirt or t-shirt. You can wear them with no socks or no-show socks, just like loafers.

Moccasins are available in a variety of types.

Driving mocs, which are similar to slip-ons but with a rubber tread on the back heel, are one option. They have a distinct appearance.

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I recommend having a pair in your shoe because they are very versatile.

Camp mocs, sometimes known as ranger mocks or blucher mocs, are another option. These are getting a lot of use from me.

Camp mocs are my favorite since they’re like boat shoes for the rest of the year. While boat shoes are primarily a spring or summer shoe, camp mocs can be worn with or without socks in the summer and with socks in the fall and winter.

In the fall, I’ll pair these with thick wool socks and they’ll look fantastic.

So, if you’re looking for a year-round shoe, I’d recommend camp mocs over driving mocs.

Boat Shoes

The boat shoe is the next item on the list.

Boat shoes are unmistakably preppy, but they aren’t for everyone. Actually, I know a few folks who despise boat shoes.

Years ago, I bought a pair, and they’re completely worn out. They’re more like house slippers at this point.

Because they’re so beat-up, I don’t wear them out very much, and my style has evolved a little less preppy over the years.

However, I continue to believe that the boat shoe is an excellent summer shoe. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s more casual than a loafer.

Many people mistakenly believe that the boat shoe and the loafer are the same thing. Boat shoes are more formal than loafers.

Boat shoes are intended to be worn without socks and are primarily a summer shoe.

Boat shoes go well with button-downs, short-sleeve button-downs, polo shirts, and t-shirts. They’re in the middle of the formality scale, and they’re a really adaptable shoe.

I think navy is a fantastic color for a boat shoe, but any shade of brown or really any color will work.

The most popular brand is probably Sperry Top-Sider, however you can find cheaper or more expensive boat shoes. There are numerous options available.


We’ll move on to espadrilles next.

Espadrilles are similar to boat shoes, and they’re in the middle of the formality scale, although they’re primarily a summer shoe.

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They’re not designed to be worn with socks. You could, however, wear no-show socks.

They remind me of a summer shoe, in my opinion.

The trouble about espadrilles is that they aren’t as popular as boat shoes. Espadrilles are a terrific alternative if you want to stand out and be a little more unusual.


The sneaker is the next type of shoe that may be worn with shorts and is arguably the most popular.

Sneakers, like loafers, are a popular choice. There are numerous types of sneakers available.

They look best with polo shirts or t-shirts, in my opinion. They’re undoubtedly more laid-back than moccasins, loafers, espadrilles, and even boat shoes.

That isn’t to say you can’t wear them with button-up shirts and other casual attire. You can, but they’re a little more laid-back.

It’s recommended to pair them with no-show socks. You can wear them without socks if they’re entirely lined with leather, but I think most guys like low-cut, low-profile socks with their sneakers.

There are numerous types of sneakers available. From your basic leather sneakers to your canvas sneakers, we’ve got you covered. Athletic sneakers are another option.

It is all up to you.

Personally, I prefer the leather sneaker to the more athletic shoe. It’s just that I believe it’s more adaptable. Most guys, on the other hand, are likely to have a few different pairs of sneakers in their collection.

These aren’t set in stone rules. Sneakers look fantastic with t-shirts and polos, but you can definitely play around with formality by blending more casual and formal aspects.

You can certainly have fun with formality. Here, I’m only offering you some general recommendations.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have sandals.

Sandals come in a variety of types. From the clunky and divisive Birkenstock to the flip-flop and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. There are more strappy, dressier sandals available. Or go for the gladiator look.

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I don’t usually wear sandals.

I do have Birkenstocks, and flip-flops are strictly for the beach and pool for me.

Flip-flops should not be your go-to summer shoe, in my opinion. I used to wear flip-flops all the time, but when your style grows, it’s better to wear espadrilles, loafers, boat shoes, or sneakers rather than flip-flops.

However, they may be very practical; they’re quick to put on and take off, and they’re usually waterproof, making them ideal for the pool or the beach.

Some sandals are more practical than others.

You should never wear socks with any type of sandal, and keep in mind that sandals are far more casual than any other footwear type, even sneakers.

When your toes are visible, it’s considered a very casual look.


Let’s sum it up quickly.

What kind of shoes go well with shorts?

Loafers, moccasins, boat shoes, espadrilles, sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops are among the footwear options.

I don’t believe you need all of these options in your closet. Perhaps two or three.

If you’re a sneakerhead, limit yourself to a handful of pairs. You are not obligated to purchase loafers if you do not enjoy wearing them. It’s fine if you believe boat shoes are too preppy.

However, all of these shoes are perfect for wearing with shorts.

You’ll never look out of place or as if you don’t know what you’re doing if you stick to this list.


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