What Color Boots Goes With Everything? (Most Versatile)

What Color Boots Goes With Everything?

If you’re looking for a pair of boots, you’re probably attempting to decide between a shade of brown and a pair of black boots.

Brown was previously my go-to color. If I had to choose only one pair of boots today, it would not be black or brown.

There is a more versatile color, and that is the subject of this article.

What color boots goes with everything?

Let’s start with the most versatile color for boots: green, particularly dark olive green.

In a moment, I’ll describe that shade of green, but first, let me explain why versatility is important.

Importance of Versatility

If a pair of boots is versatile, it indicates it can be worn in several ways. To put it another way, it can be worn with a wide range of clothes.

Unlike something that could be matched with one or two pairs of pants, you’ll get a lot of usage out of this pair of boots.

When you buy a pair of boots that you adore because they’re comfy, fit well, and make you feel wonderful, you’ll want to wear them all of the time.

If they match the rest of your wardrobe, you’ll be comfortable wearing them all the time. It’s a color that works with almost everything.

The majority of men like black or a shade of brown. Boots in these colors are fantastic. These are the classic colors for leather and suede boots.

However, they are less versatile than most people believe.

When worn with black jeans or gray pants, black boots look wonderful, but when worn with light wash denim or khaki chinos, they don’t seem correct.

In general, they’re better suited to formal or smart casual clothes rather than very casual ones.

If I only had one pair of boots, they wouldn’t be black.

Brown is a little more versatile, but it still isn’t universal.

It can be difficult to find a shade that will match with all of your pants because brown footwear comes in such a wide range of colors, from rich burgundy browns to light tans.

A pair of burgundy reddish brown boots, for example, will look great with charcoal wool trousers. However, a light tan, such as a pair of light brown boots, isn’t going to mix with charcoal trousers or a navy blue suit.

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Brown can also be tricky to pair with black.

Some brown colors go well with black. They don’t, however, look as good as black or gray boots. It’s just not the most straightforward look to achieve, and it’s easy to goof up.

Dark olive green boots, on the other hand, go with everything.

Dark olive green matches with almost everything a pair of brown boots and a pair of black boots go with.

This color, in my opinion, can replace the brown and black boots in a man’s closet.

I talk about having a simple wardrobe and wearing neutral colors, as well as having a wardrobe full of colors that complement each other, and dark olive green is one of those colors.

Even if you favor a more monochromatic look, such as black trousers, black leather jackets, white t-shirts, and the like, dark olive green will go with everything.

Dark olive green would work if you prefer the earth tones of a more rough or preppy design.

Most Versatile Boot Color: Dark Olive Green

Allow me to explain the term “dark olive.”

I’m not talking about bright Leprechaun green when I mention green boots. We’re not talking about neon green or lime green here. I’m not even talking about forest green, which is a colder, bluer version of the green.

These colors aren’t bad; they’re simply not very versatile and a little too showy. They won’t go with the majority of your outfits.

Even a lighter olive green will be difficult to pull off. It won’t match your black jeans, for example.

Dark olive, on the other hand, is ideal!

Dark olive is a more subtle shade of green than lighter, more saturated greens. It seems deliberate or even polished, especially when paired with black blue and brown.

This shade of green will go with just about any casual ensemble.

Dark olive boots, gray or charcoal dress pants, or wool trousers, a blue dress shirt, and a raincoat are all options. Dark olive boots would wear great with black jeans, a gray shirt, and a black leather jacket.

This green and black combination is stunning. Dark olive boots would wear great with dark wash fitting denim and a light gray Henley.

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Dark olive green combines well with khaki and tan chinos. It’ll go with any shade of brown, including dark brown pants, and it’ll look great with these green boots.

Finally, this olive color looks great with lighter wash jeans.

Green and blue are analogous colors, meaning they’re near to each other on the color wheel and are simple to pair.

Don’t overthink it if you’re trying to figure out what belt to wear with green boots. It can be worn with either brown or black leather.

You don’t have to worry about your leathers matching. In fact, it goes with just about anything.

It looks great with both silver and gold. It’s a color that’s surprisingly versatile.

Where to Buy?

So, if you’re determined you’d like to purchase a pair of dark olive boots, let’s speak about where you may get them.

This color is obviously more difficult to come by than black or brown. Suede is often the material of choice. As an example, dark olive suede vs. leather.

Here are a few possibilities.

Thursday Boot Company is most likely your best option.

They’ve fully embraced the dark olive color, and dark olive suede is available in a number of their most popular styles.

Also, their interpretation of this color is fantastic; it’s nearly a mix of black and brown. It’s a very earthy, unsaturated, faint color that looks great.

Their Explorer boot is a contemporary spin on traditional combat boots. They’re made of weather-resistant suede that doesn’t need to be treated to keep moisture out. A fantastic pair of casual boots that are completely low-maintenance.

You should also look at the Captain, which is likely their best-selling item. It’s quite versatile and can be worn up or down. This is a fantastic classy casual boot.

Finally, they have their Duke, a laid-back Chelsea boot. The dark olive suede version is also available. It has a low profile, is welted, and has a rubber sole. It’s unmistakably a pair of casual Chelsea boots.

Allen Edmonds is another brand worth looking at.

They’re most renowned for their formal shoes, but they also create terrific boots.

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Their Liverpool Chelsea dress boot is worth a look. It sports a rubber half-sole and heel to save you from slipping in the rain.

It retains its sleek appearance. These are appealing since they are made of leather rather than suede. This dark green color in leather might be difficult to come by. These have a highly formal appearance.

In comparison to what Thursday sells, these are considerably more polished and business appropriate.

The Higgins Mill suede lace-up is another Allen Edmonds model worth checking out. This is a lace-up work boot, virtually a combat boot, with a warm olive suede upper.

It goes well with almost every pair of pants I own. It’s quite light, and it’s perfect for when it’s wet and slushy outside in the winter.

Finally, there’s Blundstone to consider. In their 2052 model, which is a somewhat higher end premium version of their Chelsea boot, they make a dark olive green Chelsea boot.

Blundstone’s characteristic double draw tabs and a tough TPU outsole are included on this boot.

It’s unmistakably a laid-back Chelsea boot. However, it will look fantastic with jeans, chinos, and corduroys.

Of course, other brands have this dark olive green color, but it’s far more difficult to come by than black or brown.

So, the next time you’re in the market for a new pair of boots, consider going green. This is especially true if you can’t decide whether to go with black or brown. Think of a dark olive green.

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