How to Break in New Leather Boots Fast (4 Steps)


How to Break in Leather Boots

Here I’m going to explain how to break in your new leather boots fast and properly.

I’ll walk you through the steps and explain the techniques I employ to make the procedure as quick and simple as possible.

Your boots are perfectly flat when you purchase them; there are no creases or bends. They need to be broken because they are stiff leather. The stiffness and thickness of this will differ from company to company.

The two areas where your foot pivots—by the toe and up by the heel—are truly where you’re going to need to break. This is how your foot flexes naturally.

Therefore, the first step you take in those boots will be the most difficult. After that, they’ll start to loosen.

So let’s get into it.

I recently purchased a pair of leather boots, and I can’t wait to wear them in public and begin the break-in process.

This can be a very tedious, uncomfortable process for some boots. The most recent pair I purchased caused me a lot of discomfort for the first few days, but things have significantly improved since then.

In terms of breaking in boots, I’ve learned a lot. I recently purchased a pair of Wolverine 1000 Miles. I’ve heard conflicting opinions about how these are breaking in.

So I’m just going to go through the complete process of what I do to make sure I’m breaking in my boots properly, so I don’t get odd creases and blisters on my heels that damage my feet forever.

Step 1

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure the boot fits your foot. At the absolute least, you should have a half-inch of room in your big toe.

However, it is common for people to leave a full inch at the toe. You need enough room in the instep. Although it shouldn’t be too tight, it’s acceptable if your feet fit a touch snugly on the sides. It shouldn’t tingle if you leave these on for an hour.

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If you have any of those issues or show excessive heel slip, your boot is too small.

There is no amount of breaking in or wearing that can make up for a boot being too small if you don’t have enough room in the toe or any of those trouble areas, or if it’s too small overall.

Step 2

When I get new boots, I’m going to wear them around the house for a few hours after making sure the fit is comfortable.

The reason being that if I wear the boots outside, I will never be able to return them if the sole begins to get dirty or scuffed in any way.

You commit to the boots once you step outside.

For two to three hours, I want to make sure I’m not in any pain while also getting the leather to relax and getting a few creases in it.

I’m not ready to commit to them yet since if it were too tight in a certain region, I’d have to return it. I might have to swap them out for a bigger size. I therefore do not intend to wear them outside.

Simply rocking back and forth inside is one of the best ways to relax the leather, especially around the toe area, the instep, and the ankle.

That will aid in somewhat loosening up the sole as it breaks in. Some of the leather fibers around those areas will become looser as a result.

That is just going to assist you in determining whether or not you have the appropriate fit.

Put your foot on the step and rock it back and forth whether there are stairs within your house or just outside your apartment or house.

How to Break in New Boots

This actually helps add a little bit of weight to help fold and crease the leather in the right places.

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Step 3

My favorite step in breaking in a new pair of boots is this one. I’m stepping out into the world in these boots. I’m going to walk a total of three miles.

I discovered that to break in the boots, that is a pretty good first walk.

After that, I’ll give the boots a day to rest before continuing to wear them.

Simply wearing the boots as frequently as you can to break them in is the goal. Prior to having to embark on a seven-mile hike or work a full day, something that could seriously screw up your feet.

However, I believe that a three-mile walk is a fantastic way to finish the first break.

I have taken Wolverine 1000 Mile boots on their maiden voyage. Really, they weren’t that hard to break. There were no blisters on me. I anticipated that these might be a little more difficult, but they weren’t. I’m therefore really pleased with that.

I popped in a couple shoe trees as soon as I came home because I wasn’t going to wear these shoes today. I’m going to give them a day of rest.

The usual procedure for breaking in boots is as described. Wear them one day for a good walk and then let them breathe for another day.

I constantly advise purchasing a pair of shoe trees. Cedar not only helps keep the odor under control but also helps the form of the leather. It’s just a good practice.

I wore substantial wool socks when I went outside. I often wear this sort of sock with any boot, but the first time you wear them, it really helps since it can significantly hurt your feet’s heels or the area around the ball of your foot.

Wear a pair of thick wool socks the first time you go outside if your boots are very painful for your feet. However, you can also apply band aids to those specific areas.

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I would apply a band – aid to my heel before covering it with socks. That is very helpful.

You may wear two pairs of socks if they are particularly robust. It would get very hot, but this is a good technique to initially break in leather, develop creases in it, and soften it up without entirely destroying your feet in the process.

Step 4

Utilizing a shoe cream is another option for softening the leather. I use a Venetian. This really just helps soften the leather. Employing something similar to this is a good shoe care policy.

As I wear it, that will keep the leather from being too stiff.

I’ll keep wearing these every other day until they’re completely broken in.

One of the most rewarding experiences there is wearing a pair of boots that have been broken in properly, but getting there is not simple.

But it’s just like losing weight or getting in shape – the correct approach is consistency and patience.

How to Break in Boots Fast


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