How to Style Short Legs (5 Tips)

How to Style Short Legs

I wanted to talk about vertical body shape in this article. Generally speaking, we frequently discuss the shapes of apples, pears, and so forth.

However, I wanted to use this opportunity to talk with you about vertical body shape and what to do if you have short legs.

So you could be tall with short legs or tall with long legs, or you may be petite with long legs or petite with short legs, correct?

What if you wish to elongate your legs but have short legs? How do you style short legs?

And first of all, why on earth would you ever want to elongate your legs? Why would you want to look as though your legs are longer?

Because it makes you appear taller and more slender. Therefore, you are really fortunate if you are already tall. Or if  you’re not tall and you wanna look taller, there are some things you can do.

Even though I’m not particularly short, I always want to appear taller, so I try to dress in a way that makes my legs look longer rather than shorter.

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And in this article, I’ll be giving you 5 tips.

High Rise Pants

Wearing high rise pants as opposed to low rise pants is the first piece of tip, which you probably already know intuitively but I feel like most of us do it wrong.

However, what if I have a stomach and want to cover it up? In that case, wouldn’t I want to pull my t-shirt over my stomach?

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Look at this image:

high rise pants

She doesn’t look to be incredibly skinny; instead, she appears to be curvier.

What do you do?

Simply invest in a great pair of pants that have nice tummy support and allow you to wear a high rise pants. Of course, you could still disguise your stomach by donning a stunning monochrome outfit and layering on top of it.

But since it will make your legs look shorter, we want to avoid donning a longer, shapeless shirt.

So, the first tip is to wear high rise pants.

And the same holds true for skirts and shorts.

Avoid Folded Hemlines

The second tip is to refrain from wearing pants with folded hemlines.

I know it’s annoying because, oftentimes, when you buy pants, they’re perhaps too long for you, but folding them, especially if you have that cuff on the bottom, breaks the leg and doesn’t look nice because it has a little bit of that extra material down at the bottom.

I don’t believe the extra fabric at the bottom looks particularly lovely, even on taller women with longer legs.

However, you should hem your pants to make them nice and seamless and to lengthen your leg line, especially if you have shorter legs.

Additionally, it would be stunning to wear a small wedge with a straight leg trouser.

An easy tip is to add a belt to dresses if you’re wanting to make them shorter. You can have a belt from the ADA Collection.

When you belt a maxi dress and wear it over the top, the hem is actually pulled up for you, shortening the length without the need to hem dresses.

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So there you have it—a fantastic bonus tip for you.

So once more, everything here is about creating an illusion, right? And you want to focus on drawing attention up rather than down.

Avoid a Drop Waist

You should avoid a drop waist for tip number three.

This might be a tunic or a dress with a drop waist. A dropped waist basically indicates that your waist seems to be lower because of the drop waist.

What does that imply then?

Your torso appears longer as a result, but your legs appear shorter. So you should definitely avoid doing that if you want to create the illusion that your legs are longer.

Avoid Tunics

Avoid tunics in general is the fourth tip. If you have shorter legs and you are going to add length  to your top, your legs are just going to look shorter.

I understand that this is a nice look, and you might pull it off, but if you want to look better and create the illusion of having longer legs, a shorter top is simply more appropriate.

Avoid Midi Blazers

To avoid a midi blazer is my final piece of tip.

Midi because a very long draping blazer may look very elegant since it does elongate, and it could look quite pretty. But one of those midrange blazers, like a boyfriend jacket blazer, tends to make you look shorter.

If everything is more fitting and you wear something monochromatic underneath, you can make it work.

I do recommend wearing a more cropped type of blazer, though, if you have shorter legs.

Our focus is on how it will make your legs look longer and draw attention upward.

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There you have it! 5 tips on how to style short legs or 5 things to avoid if you have shorter legs and how to elongate your legs.

short legs style tips

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