How to Dress 70’s Style

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Dress 70's Style

The 1970s was a decade of bold fashion statements, vibrant colors, and eclectic styles. If you want to embrace the 70s fashion and add a touch of retro flair to your wardrobe, here are some tips to help you dress in a 70s style:

  1. Embrace Bell Bottoms:
    Bell-bottom pants were a staple of 70s fashion. Look for jeans or trousers with a flared leg that gradually widens from the knee down. Pair them with platform shoes to complete the groovy look.
  2. Maxi Dresses and Skirts:
    Flowing maxi dresses and skirts were popular during the 70s. Look for styles with psychedelic prints, floral patterns, or bold geometric designs. Choose lightweight fabrics like chiffon or silk to achieve that free-spirited feel.
  3. Go Bohemian:
    The bohemian style gained popularity in the 70s, influenced by the hippie movement. Opt for loose-fitting blouses with bell sleeves, embroidered details, or peasant tops. Pair them with fringed vests or suede jackets for a truly boho look.
  4. Disco Glam:
    Disco fashion was synonymous with the 70s. Sparkling sequins, metallic fabrics, and bold colors dominated the dance floor. Choose form-fitting dresses or jumpsuits with plunging necklines and wide-leg pants. Don’t forget to accessorize with large hoop earrings and platform heels.
  5. Denim Everywhere:
    Denim was a fashion staple in the 70s. Look for denim jackets, flared jeans, or denim skirts with button-down fronts. Experiment with different washes and distressed finishes to capture the vintage vibe.
  6. Statement Prints:
    Bold prints and patterns were all the rage in the 70s. Look for psychedelic prints, paisley designs, or large-scale florals. Incorporate these prints into your outfits through blouses, dresses, or wide-legged pants.
  7. Platform Shoes:
    No 70s outfit is complete without platform shoes. Opt for platform sandals, boots, or chunky heels to elevate your look. Choose vibrant colors or go for a classic neutral shade to match your outfit.
  8. Accessorize with Flair:
    Accessorizing is key to achieving an authentic 70s style. Look for oversized sunglasses with colored or tinted lenses. Layer on long pendant necklaces, stack multiple bangles and bracelets, and embrace wide-brimmed hats or floppy sunhats. Don’t forget to experiment with fringed bags or woven handbags for that boho touch.
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Remember, the 70s were all about embracing individuality and expressing yourself through fashion. Have fun with colors, patterns, and textures to create your unique 70s-inspired outfits. Mix and match different elements to find a style that resonates with you while paying homage to this iconic era. Get ready to turn heads and channel your inner disco diva or bohemian queen!

How to Dress 70's Style


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