How to Dress Inverted Triangle & Triangle Body Shape

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how to dress inverted triangle body shape

How to dress if you have an inverted triangle and triangle body shape.

My objective is to make style as simple as possible, to assist you in looking your best every day, since when you look good, you feel good.

I’d like to discuss the inverted triangle and triangle body shapes in this article.

Please see this page, if you have any queries about how and where to measure yourself to determine your body type, as well as how to determine what your body type is. This is a must-read.

If you’ve come this far, I’m presuming you already know you have an inverted triangle or triangle body shape.

How to Dress Inverted Triangle Body Shape

How to Dress Inverted Triangle Shape


When you have an inverted triangle, what does that mean?

That your shoulder and bust measurements are larger than your hip measurement. Your breast is at least four inches bigger, and your shoulders are at least two inches bigger. It is approximately 5% larger.

When you look in the mirror, you’ll notice that your upper body is wider than your lower body, forming an inverted triangular appearance.

First and foremost, for those of you who are visual learners, I’d want to provide a visual reference. You may check out how this celebrity looks by doing a Google image search for them.

Angelina Jolie and Renee Zellweger are two celebrities who have this shape. The inverted triangle body type is shared by both of these celebrities. You may do a Google image search on them and come up with a slew of outfit options. Pinterest is a treasure trove of images and ideas.

When you have this body type and want to achieve visual proportion, which means you want everything to look in proportion, the basic rule of thumb is to think about minimizing the upper body and emphasizing the lower body.

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Dress in dark solid hues to hide your upper body. Another approach we use is vertical stripes. A strategic neckline, such as a v-neck or a scoop neck, is also used.

Wearing soft draped materials rather than more structured fabrics can also help to soften shoulders.

Cap sleeves, in particular, may work wonders in terms of softening shoulders.

Shoulder building elements, such as puff shoulders or strong shoulders with shoulder pads, should be avoided because they would enhance the appearance.

On the other hand, because your lower half is the smaller section of your body, you can actually add volume there. That’s where you may play with colors, prints, horizontal stripes, dazzle, glitter, and anything else.

That’s where you’ll put your color, prints, full, flared, or A-line skirts, dresses, and anything else that will lend volume to your lower half.

Wide-legged trousers and slacks will also help to balance the look.

Those are the basic guidelines for the inverted triangle body shape.

I’d go ahead and conduct the Google picture search to gain some inspiration. Save it to your phone’s photo folder or pin it to your Pinterest board for later inspiration.

Consider how to achieve that aesthetic balance. I usually tell people to maximize their assets while reducing their trouble areas.

If you’re an inverted triangle, your legs are likely to be amazing, and your hips are likely to be lean and small, so you’ll want to play up your legs. To play up those legs, you might want to wear a lot of skirts and dresses.

Simply thinking about it in terms of “what is the area that I want to emphasize?” Perhaps the area is as simple as the décolletage area.

That’s a gorgeous place on any woman’s body, so pull the eye there with a stunning statement necklace or something glittery.

Consider your physique in terms of what you have going for you and what you don’t.

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Then there’s the question of where you want to achieve that aesthetic equilibrium. Colors and prints can be used to deceive the eye into seeing more visual proportion.

That’s all there is to it.

To summarize, the upper body should be minimized while the lower body should be maximized.

On the top, there are dark, solid hues, elongating necklines, and shoulder reducing embellishments.

Then you may work on the lower half of your body using the volume-building prints and colors.

How to Dress Triangle Body Shape

How to Dress Triangle Body Shape

As I previously stated, determining your body type and then wearing in a way that fits and flatters your body type is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that you look your best every day.

Always dress for your body type, not for the latest trends. What looks well on you and flatters you.

The pear form is another name for the triangular shape.

The triangle form simply means that your hip measurement is greater than your bust or shoulders. Typically, they are around 5% larger.

Your upper body appears smaller, while your hips, buttocks, and thighs appear larger.

I prefer to provide you a visual reference, someone you can Google image search and get a number of different outfit combinations from, just in case you need it. Make a Pinterest board so you’ll have wardrobe ideas at your fingertips.

Jennifer Lopez, who has a triangle body type, could be your celebrity inspiration. Also, there’s Beyonce. The body shape of her triangle body is stunning.

If you have a triangular body form, how can you get that visual proportion and balance?

Because your lower body is the larger half of your body, you’ll want to reduce it and highlight your upper body to achieve that visual proportion and balance.

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How do you go about doing that?

The dark hues are applied to the lower body. Vertical stripes are applied to the lower body.

On the lower body, you wear voluminous, flared, and A-line skirts and dresses.

To achieve that visual equilibrium, you wear bootcut, flared, wide-legged pants and jeans on the lower body.

On the other hand, the upper body is where you have the most fun.

You add the shine, the volume, the color, the prints, and the volume. You add shoulder details like puff shoulders, shoulder pads, structured shoulders, and off-shoulder tops to really extend and add width across the shoulders and achieve that visual equilibrium.

You can also experiment with different necklines and wear dramatic necklines. The use of jewelry will pull the eye up and create volume to the top of the head.

Simply consider your physique in terms of how you might optimize your assets while minimizing your problem areas. Also, how can I get the desired aesthetic proportion and balance?

If your upper body is smaller than your lower body, you should make the upper body appear larger and the lower body appear smaller.

That’s how you go about it. That’s all there is to it.

how to dress a triangle body shape

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