5 Good, Popular Fall Shoes For Men (Must Haves)

Good Fall Shoes For Men (Must Haves)

Here are my picks for the good shoes all men need this fall.

There’s a considerable chance you’ll need a variety of options for various scenarios, so your choice of shoes should truly be based on the temperature where you live.

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Leather Lace-up Boot

However, the traditional leather lace-up boot is my go-to footwear choice for the fall and winter seasons.

The majority of guys are unaware that lace-up boots may be found in both casual and dress designs.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Casual boots are surprisingly versatile and go great with other pieces in your everyday wardrobe like jeans, chinos, sweaters, and Oxford shirts if you choose a nice dark chocolate or walnut brown tone.

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Because of this, they are ideal for a variety of activities, including shoveling snow and going out on a date, but keep in mind that leather is the better option. As long as you want to keep your feet dry.

Although they may appear expensive, you should truly consider them an investment because, with careful care, a good pair should last you for many years.

However, dress boots are a terrific option for a more formal appearance and go great with things like wool suits and pants.

If you want to add another layer of style to your dressier ensembles to elevate them even further, you could also choose some great broguing in a medium to dark brown or black tone.

Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boots are up next, which are a personal favorite of mine.

The simplicity of Chelsea boots’ design gives them a more elegant look than your standard lace-up boot.

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The occasion or dress code should ultimately determine the choice of material you wear.

The more laid-back items in your fall collection, such as your sweaters, jackets, chinos, and dark wash jeans, will look great with a suede Chelsea boot.

You really can’t go wrong with a dark brown or tan shade if these is your first pair. Just be aware that if you live somewhere that receives a lot of rain or snow, this is not the wisest material choice.

If you’re a guy who prefers to dress more formally, you ought to get a sleek and opulent leather Chelsea.

It’s a terrific alternative to your go-to lace-up dress shoes because the clean, sleek look of leather really enhances the formality of dressier items like darker suits or wool trousers.

Additionally, you should make sure that the pants you wear with Chelsea boots are tapered all the way to the ankle.

Basically, you should aim for a slim fit and stay away from any flurry at the hem because it will look awfully sloppy.

In essence, this indicates that slimmer guys are better suited for Chelseas. You might want to choose a different style of boot if you’re a bigger guy.

Chukka Boots

The next item on my list of my favorite fall shoes had to be Chukka boots, so I had to mention them.

It’s undeniable that I adore a beautiful pair of Chukka boots. They are considerably easier to put on and take off than a pair of traditional lace-up boots and have such a sleek and stylish appearance.

I would suggest purchasing a pair in medium to dark chocolate brown as these are more seasonally suitable colors than lighter browns or black, and they look wonderful in both leather and suede.

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You may easily and stylishly dress up your more casual ensembles by donning a pair of chukka boots. But bear in mind that since this is not a formal boot, dressier clothing or suits shouldn’t be worn with it.

Dark green, burgundy, charcoal, and navy are my top color options if you already possess a pair of brown Chukka boots and are seeking to add to your collection. These hues will go great with items in your fall outfit including dark wash jeans and crewneck sweaters.

The Penny Loafers

Let’s say you live in a region that has year-round warm weather and that you’re also looking for an alternative.

The penny loafer is the next choice on my list, and it’s one that you truly can’t go wrong with.

Although typically considered a spring or summer shoe, I actually believe a pair of penny loafers can work really well when paired with several fall items and shades, like chinos, relaxed wool trousers, and dark wash jeans.

It has the power to elevate the look of anything it is paired with. One of my go-to fall looks is a crew neck sweater, dark wash jeans or chinos, a pair of chocolate brown leather penny loafers, and a traditional Harrington or bomber jacket.

You have a choice in terms of material things, though.

Suede is a fantastic choice to leather, which is undoubtedly the traditional material.

Having said that, did I mention how comfortable these are? It truly feels like you are walking on a cloud.

You should consider your penny loafers in the same way as their conventional dress shoes when choosing colors.

You’ll need at least one pair in black and one in brown to accommodate your various clothing combinations.

After that, you can choose a color that is a little more striking on the eye, like burgundy.

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Leather High Tops

The high top leather sneaker is the final shoe on my list, and it is one that stands out from the rest because of its unique design.

Without a doubt, high tops have existed forever. However, I’ve noticed that leather variants are growing in popularity among guys of all ages over the past couple of years.

This type of shoe strikes the sweet spot between a low top sneaker and a lace-up boot, much as fall is the transitional season between summer and winter.

It has a distinctive aesthetic that is remarkably versatile. You should always cuff the hem with this one because it looks great with both chinos and jeans. The goal of high tops would be defeated if the top of the shoe remained covered.

I advise choosing a neutral brown color as your first color, but if you already wear a lot of black apparel, you may always experiment with navy or black.

Leather is a terrific fall option to fabrics like canvas because it is not only more water resistant but also easier to clean.

Popular Fall Shoes For Men

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