How to Keep Leather Boots From Creasing

How to Keep Leather Boots From Creasing

People always ask me how do you stop leather boots from creasing or reduce the odds of them creasing as much as possible.

Can You Prevent Boots Creasing?

All leather shoes and boots will crease. You can’t stop it from creasing. If you wear it, it’s going to crease.

However there are ways to minimize creasing.

Shoe Trees

Using shoe trees can help to reduce this. I think cedar shoe trees are a good idea. Our feet perspire, and it gets warm inside, so once you take them off, you put the cedar-scented shoe trees in, and they absorb part of that moisture, keeping it fresh and preventing wrinkles at the flex joint.

You can reduce them, but when you wear them, they will reappear. Leather has a memory of its own. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to get rid of it; as soon as it begins to flex, it will return.

If you wear it all the time and utilize shoe trees, you’ll be able to reduce this. It isn’t going to be a huge difference. However, there will still be some creasing.

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Plastic and metal shoe trees are available. They will also help to maintain the shape to some extent. However, cedar is superior since it is antimicrobial and will absorb moisture from the inside.

50/50 Alcohol/Water Solution

If you have old shoes or boots that are nearly impossible to restore to new condition, mix 50 percent rubbing alcohol with 50 percent water.

Mix them together, spray them down, and gently massage them in the opposite direction of the creases. Because the wrinkles are horizontal, you should approach them from a vertical position and simply massage them.

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Some individuals are hesitant to do this because they are concerned that water and alcohol would remove the dye from the leather and cause it to dry out.

However, this is not a particularly strong abrasion. It won’t impact the dye because it’s diluted with water and isn’t damaging to the dyes. If you do so, the dyes will not be affected.

If you’re worried about the leather drying out, let it dry completely before using a moisturizer or conditioner. You don’t need to use a lot of it. It’s something I do all the time and it works very well.

You’ll be able to tell the difference immediately. I normally spend a few seconds before it begins to work.

It won’t have the same shiny texture as before, but all you have to do is apply some moisturizers to it and it’ll look great, especially on the shell textures where the shine will come back quickly.

On the majority of leathers, that’s about it. I spritz that and don’t have any problems with the color peeling off or the uppers being ruined.

If you have suede shoes and are worried about stains, spray the entire shoe evenly to ensure that it dries evenly. There will be no watermark.



Get Shell Cordovan

The next piece of advice is to purchase shell cordovan, which wrinkles far less than other leathers.

On shell cordovan, there are no wrinkles.

When it comes to the loose grain on some of the boots or shoes, you’ll notice that the leather texture is a touch grainier than it is elsewhere on the shoe.

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That’s completely typical because manufacturers will use practically every part of the leather when manufacturing shoes or boots. More wrinkles can be found near the belly and neck of the hide, where the hide is stretched.

Unfortunately, it is not readily apparent when the shoes or boots are manufactured, but as you wear them, it will become more apparent. Then you’ll ask why it appears to be different.

It’s not out of the ordinary. That will be the case in some areas.

Obviously, every inch of the hide is examined during the inspection process. Some manufacturers will pay extra attention to the sections that aren’t being used.

So, if it’s a higher-priced, higher-quality product, they’ll work around any wrinkles or minor flaws in the hide that will be obvious once it’s finished.

So go for high-end boots in general, because they’re more likely to be picky when it comes to leather.

What About Ironing?

Some folks use an iron to iron their leather.

It’s not only a matter of ironing the shoes. They’re going to get their uppers wet. You’ll need to dampen the leather. They’ll cover it in a damp cloth and apply heat to it.

The heat will loosen the grains just a little. However, you must exercise extreme caution. You can’t merely iron your shoes by turning on the iron. That isn’t how it works.

Perhaps a little heat and steam will help to tighten the fibers. It will appear that the creases are disappearing, but if you continue to use it, they will reappearance. It isn’t a long-term answer.

When it comes to heat, you must exercise caution. You’ll cause more harm than good if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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If you want to practice, start with some inexpensive shoes before moving on to your more expensive boots. You don’t want to damage them.

Things to Remember

Everything you’re doing is only for a short time. It’ll come back to you when you’re wearing it.

That is something that the majority of people are unaware of.

It looks great when they’re finished, and it looks even better when you’re finished. However, after a few times wearing your boots, those creases will reappear.

You take your shoes off when you get home after a long day and don’t want to sit and put them in shoe trees. You lose sight of them.

It is not feasible for everyone to do so. When most individuals come in, they forget to put on their shoe trees.

It’s better to bring them back without the creases because it looks better, but don’t sweat it.

It’ll come back; all you have to do now is enjoy the shoes or boots. Wear them and have fun with them. That is all there is to it.

Any remedies will only last a short time. So simply use your shoe trees and treat your shoes with care.


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