Black vs Brown Boots, Men’s

Black vs Brown Boots, Men's

The distinctions between black boots and brown boots are what I’m talking about here.

You’ve made the decision to purchase a new pair of boots. This may be your first pair or you may be adding to your existing collection.

Let me start by congratulating you. I think you’re making a great choice, and I want to assist you in choosing the right product for you.

The first thing that you need to do is pick the appropriate kind of boots. There are many different kinds of boots, ranging from chukkas to Chelsea boots.

However, after deciding on the style of boots you desire, you must choose a color, and both leather and suede come in a variety of colors.

But I believe that brown and black are by far the two most popular colors. There is no wrong choice because both colors are great options and are equally versatile.

Black leather boots or brown leather boots are both excellent choices. Many males actually already have both in their collections.

Questions to Ask

But if you had to pick just one, which would be the best for you?

There isn’t, in my opinion, a single best choice. That actually depends on your circumstances and personal tastes. But depending on where you are in your personal style journey, I do have some recommendations and advise for you.

Consider your existing wardrobe. Is it fully completed? Do you feel good about it? Does it truly represent your personal style?

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Do you feel you can put together an outfit quite easily, or are you a complete novice? Do you continue to work on it? You’re still looking for your own personal style, right?

If you already have a somewhat complete wardrobe and are content with it, consider the color scheme.

Brown boots are generally going to be the best choice for you if your wardrobe is primarily composed of earth tones like cream, brown, and tan as well as clothes of blue and green because they will blend nicely with your existing wardrobe.

On the other hand, black boots will definitely be a better option for you if your wardrobe is mostly made up of black, white, navy, and grey because they are more versatile.

It’s acceptable if you are a complete beginner and feel that your wardrobe is incomplete, doesn’t accurately represent your personal style, or if you are still unsure of what your personal style is.

You can still decide whether to get black boots or brown boots in a few different ways.

When Should You Wear Brown Boots?

The first thing you should do is consider your future style aesthetic. Your future style preferences. What type of guy are you going to be, what kind of clothes are you going to want to wear, and what do you draw toward right now? Consider yourself two or three years from now.

For instance, brown boots would likely be a better choice if you identify with the hardy American blue-collar, workwear aesthetic, which includes salvaged denim, brown leather accessories, navy, olive, or brown chinos, plaid flannel shirts, leather belts, and bulky sweaters.

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Simply because they are going to fit in with the aesthetic that you already enjoy.

Similarly, brown boots are definitely going to be the greatest color for you if you identify with the truly preppy aesthetic, which includes Oxford cotton button-down shirts, woven belts, boat shoes, chinos, and shorts. This is because brown boots fit well with the preppy aesthetic.

When to Choose Black Boots?

On the other hand, if you’re browsing through your Instagram feed and you notice that everyone you follow is into really rakish, minimal street wear, you might want to opt for black boots instead.

I’m talking about monochrome color schemes, basic white t-shirts, slim black jeans, and minimal accessories. Buying black boots is probably going to be better for you.

It’s not that you can’t wear black jeans and brown boots. You may. You can wear brown and black together, but if you prefer a streetwear, minimal, edgy, monochromatic look, you won’t likely get as much use out of brown boots in terms of variety.

Personally, I’ve always loved brown boots because they go with the clothes I already possess and because my wardrobe tends to be a combination of preppy and rugged.

But lately, I’ve been drawn to and thinking more about the simple, monochrome style that even street wear can achieve.

It would be fun and intriguing to see how I can fit these into my current wardrobe and adjust my wardrobe a little bit to better suit this kind of look. I’m actually quite excited to add black Chelsea boots to my shoe collection.

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After all, clothes are just that, so don’t be afraid to play with both hues and to grow.

That is the thing. The truth is that as you age, change jobs, relocate to a new city, start a family, or do anything else, your preferences are likely to change.

It’s acceptable to let your style to change as you do in order to more accurately represent your personality and current circumstances. Since you can’t wear the same thing every day for the rest of your life, it gets quite monotonous, that’s what makes this fun: you get to change.

If you’re buying your first pair of boots, I hope this article can assist you in deciding between a pair of black boots and a pair of brown boots.

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