3 Good Men’s Shoe Brands For Wide Feet

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Good Men's Shoe Brands For Wide Feet

I’m talking about the best dress shoes for men with wide feet here.

Many men have wide feet and are completely unaware of it.

What I recommend is that you get sized at a suit store near you.

There’s a branding tool that can tell you your foot length, and your foot width, and  it can get you properly sized  since shoes come in a variety of sizes.

I’m going to talk about three of my favorite dress shoes right now.

There are just a few brands that make triple E dress shoes, and I’ll list them in order of price from least to most costly.

Grant Stone Leo LongWing


The Grant Stone Leo LongWing is at the top of my list.

This is an incredible shoe. It’s a long wing, so there’s a lot of broguing on it; it’s also more casual, with a casual welt.

This is a really comfortable shoe that can be worn with jeans or chinos. It can even be worn with some suits, but I wouldn’t wear it to an interview. Although it is a dress shoe, it is not a dressy shoe.

It has a rubber sole, so it’s suitable for rain, snow, and other harsh conditions.

It’s ready to use right out of the box.

When shopping for a high-quality shoe, the leather quality is an important factor to consider.

This is a Chromexcel leather, which means you don’t need to polish it; all you have to do is condition it and brush it clean.

To be honest, this leather can take a hammering and doesn’t require any maintenance. In terms of leather quality, I give it a ten out of ten.

Another item to consider is the quality of the construction, such as the stitching and other details. In terms of stitch density, this shoe completely shocked me.

That indicates they sewed a lot per inch, which you don’t usually see on lower-priced shoes.

Can the dress shoes be resoled? That’s another thing to check for when buying quality dress shoes.

That is, the entire sole may be removed and replaced, ensuring that it will survive for many years.

This Grant Stone shoe can absolutely be resoled, and with proper care of the upper leather, it can last 20-25 years, probably longer, depending on how you wear and care for it.

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The shoe costs $298, making it by far the most affordable of the shoes I’ll be discussing. It’s also my go-to dress shoe for under $300.

I’ll get back to this when I compare which dress shoes are the most worthwhile for you in the long run.

Allen Edmond Strand


Allen Edmonds Strand is next on the list.

This was my first pair of wonderfully fitting dress shoes, and I’ve been in love with them since I got them. These are incredible leather quality.

It’s a dress shoe, so keep that in mind. This is something you can wear with a suit, but it also looks good with jeans and chinos, especially if the shoe is light in color.

You can pick a deeper color, which would be ideal for suits and more formal situations.

This dress shoe is well worth the $395 price tag. Many times it can be resoled. I had a pair of Allen Edmonds resoled, and they turned out great. Depending on how you wear them, they’ll last another 5-7 years.

You may have your Allen Edmond endure for decades if you take care of them.

I’d like to make a quick mention of Allen Edmonds. They have shoes in sizes ranging from 4A to Triple E. This width range is not offered by any other shoe company.

Allen Edmonds will undoubtedly be your greatest alternative for obtaining the widest range of widths.

Archibald London Cap Toe


The second shoe I have is an Archibald London handmade Italian shoe.

Archibald London isn’t as well-known as the other two shoe brands I’ve mentioned thus far, but they’re doing some amazing stuff.

This shoe was handcrafted in Italy and is simply stunning. A single oak barked tanned sole with subtle channel stitching completes the look.

That indicates the sole on the shoe is of very high quality, and it was made with great attention to detail. This is something you’ll notice when your quality improves.

This shoe’s leather is simply stunning. They are hand-painted.

Because the width does not correspond to the US width standard, this shoe has a G width. Depending on the brand, a G width can be closer to a 2E or 3E.

When I first put this shoe on, it was really uncomfortable. It was a tough situation. It did, however, stretch over the next few days.

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If these aren’t wide enough for your foot, you may always place a stretcher in them and stretch them out a little.

The leather quality on these is exceptional. These have a great look to them. They have a carved toe, which is not present in the other shoes.

It’s a gorgeous Italian-style shoe.

These shoes cost $499, making them by far the most expensive of the shoes I’ve discussed.

However, the quality of the Italian leather, the hand craftsmanship, and the overall intricacies of this shoe make it well worth the money.

If you prefer the silhouette and appearance of this shoe, it is well worth the extra money over the Allen Edmonds.

This may not be the best option if you have a wider foot. As I previously stated, you may stretch this out using a stretcher that you can buy online.

Which Shoe Should You Buy?

So, if you need to buy a dress shoe and you have a wide foot, which of the three dress shoes I mentioned is the most worthwhile investment for you?

If you’re on a budget and want to save a little money, the Grant Stone Leo LongWing is the one I’d recommend.

The issue with this shoe is that if you need a dress shoe for suits, something for an interview, or anything a little more sophisticated, this is not the shoe for you.

If you currently own that shoe and want something a little more casual, something you can wear on weekends, out in the rain or in harsher situations and still look elegant in, this is the shoe I would recommend.

If you’re looking for a dress shoe and know you’re not a 2E but more of a 3E or 4E, the Allen Edmonds are the way to go.

This is the shoe that will get you through your interviews, as well as your suits, but it can also be worn casually with jeans or chinos.

The Archibald London is the last shoe. This shoe is for individuals who just want the highest quality shoe available.

You want the soft Italian leather, the attention to detail in the handcrafting, and simply the best shoe possible.

You must also know that you are between a 2E and a 3E, and not wider than a 3E, or be willing to purchase a stretcher and stretch these out slightly.

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These shoes are wonderful; they’re incredibly stunning, and they’re well worth the five hundred dollar price tag.

However, you won’t be able to wear these with jeans, so they won’t be as versatile. You might be able to get away with wearing them with chinos, but you’ll most certainly require slacks, trousers, a sport jacket, or a suit to wear these stunning shoes.

More Options

We all know how difficult it is for men with large feet to find shoes that fit. Custom and bespoke shoes are a quick and straightforward remedy to it.

That way, you can have shoes made specifically for your feet, however I know that choosing the custom and customized route can be quite costly.

As a result, I’ve compiled a list of off-the-rack shoe brands that are suitable for men with wider feet.

Johnston & Murphy

These are available in E and a triple E. It may take some time to become used to them. However, those are some very lovely shoes.

Stacy Adams

These are available in a triple E format. You may want to add an extra insole to these shoes because they are a touch hard when you first put your foot in them.


They are available in two widths: wide and extra wide. A two E can be equivalent to a wide, whereas a four E can be equivalent to a wide.


This is a fantastic summertime shoe. It is available in two widths: wide and extra wide. Check this one out if you’re seeking for boat shoes or canvas shoes.

Thursday Boots

I own a pair of their loafers, and their website recommends that you order a size down. There are two types of E: a double E and a triple E.


They look great, fit perfectly, and are true to size. There are two sizes available: wide and very wide.

men's shoe brands for wide feet

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