Are Allen Edmond Shoes Worth It? Are They Good?

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Are Allen Edmond Shoes Worth It?

Allen Edmonds is one of the most well-known names in the world of men’s footwear.

In 1922, a hundred years ago, the corporation was founded in Wisconsin.

They rose to popularity by supplying military footwear throughout World War II.

The Park Avenue, their most popular shoe model, has been worn by various US presidents.

They aren’t cheap, either, with several of their dress shoes costing $395.

So, are they worth it, or is it all a bunch of nonsense?

In this article, I’ll examine whether Allen Edmonds are still valuable a century later.

I possess two pairs of Allen Edmonds. Their Park Avenues (cap toe Oxfords) and Strands (half brogue) are two examples . Two of their most well-known designs.

Both pairs have been in my possession for around seven years and are still in excellent condition.

Other dress shoe types, as well as boots and sneakers, are available from Allen Edmonds.

But I’m going to concentrate on their dress shoes, which are their most well-known product.

Quality of Construction

Let’s start with construction quality.

Allen Edmonds shoes are made in Wisconsin, as previously stated.

Calfskin leather is used for the upper, which is robust but also more flexible and smoother in texture than cowhide and simpler to break in.

The shoes contain a leather lining and a custom cork foot bed that molds to your foot’s shape over time, making them even more comfy.

The soles are composed of vegetable tanned leather, but you can upgrade to a rubber sole if you need extra traction.

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Their shoes include a 360 degree Goodyear welt, which is the most robust and water resistant construction method available.

The soles of a Goodyear welt can also be replaced if they become worn out.

Allen Edmonds has a wide range of widths, from quadruple A to triple E.

Because I have a bigger foot, I wear a size 10, triple E, which suits me perfectly. So, if you demand a specific width, you will be able to find it.

They’re actually rather comfortable to wear. My Strands have never failed me when it comes to swing dancing.

Overall, the materials utilized and the manufacturing quality of these shoes are excellent.

The Style

Let’s talk about style now.

The Allen Edmond 65 last, which is their most popular shoe last, is used to create the Park Avenue and Strand.

It has a longer toe than some of their other shoes, but it’s still not as long as European dress shoes.

In exchange for all the advantages of the Goodyear welt, the shoe will have a chunkier sole than if the Blake stitch was employed instead.

As a result, the dress shoes will not be as elegant or streamlined as some other brands of shoes inspired by Italy or the United Kingdom.

However, these are timeless American aesthetics that never go out of style.

The Life Expectancy

Let’s talk about longevity.

Allen Edmond shoes can have the sole replaced whenever the leather wears out because they are produced with a Goodyear weld.

A local cobbler can handle it, but Allen Edmonds also offers a recrafting service that includes not only replacing the sole, but also the heel, cork bed, and refinishing the leather top.

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They can do this two to three times during the life of the shoe, so you can expect to get at least a decade out of each pair.

These two pairs of shoes have been in my possession for almost seven years. I don’t attend many formal events, thus I don’t typically wear the Park Avenues. However, I’ve worn hundreds of hours wearing the Strands.

I try to look after them by using shoe trees after each wear, and they’ve held up well with only minor creases.

The Price

Let’s chat about the price now.

Allen Edmonds isn’t the lowest option, but I wouldn’t say they’re excessive either, at $395 for several of their famous shoes.

They’re in the center of the pack when compared to companies like Beckett Simonon and Ace Marks, which cost between $200 and $300, while brands like Alden and Church’s cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

Every year in April, Allen Edmonds has a large anniversary sale with roughly a 15% discount on popular shoes like the Strand and Park Avenue.

This is what I’ll say.

The greatest prices are on their factory second website, which sells shoes with minor flaws.

That’s where I purchased my pair of Strands for around $250 in 2015. I couldn’t even discover the flaws that kept it from being sold for full price.

Are Allen Edmond Shoes Worth It?

In conclusion, would I advise purchasing Allen Edmonds?

The answer is yes in my opinion.

The quality is still there after 100 years. Even at full price, I would gladly purchase these again.

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Dress shoes in the American style are my favorite. They’re stylish and quite comfortable.

So I’m always looking for reasons to wear them instead of some of my more affordable shoes.

Shoes at this price point are an investment, so they’re a little more unpleasant to purchase up front, but they’ll last much longer than those less expensive pairs.

are Allen Edmonds good shoes

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