How to Keep Boots From Stinking (10 Tips)

How to Keep Boots From Stinking

Here I will talk about 10 tips to keep your boots from stinking.

Let’s discuss how to make your boots not stink.

Let Your Boots Rest

The first tip that I have is to rotate your boots, give them time to rest and let them completely dry out. All that sweat and moisture will stick in your boot if you’re working while wearing your boots or if the weather is hot. If it doesn’t completely dry, the moisture and odor in the boot will just get worse the following day.

If you don’t allow them to dry completely, bacteria will begin to form within your boot and emit that unpleasant smell.

Before you wear them again, give them time to rest and completely dry.

To be clear, I mean to have a rotating roster of boots when I say to “rotate your boots.” When they hear about this, most people become unhappy because boots are not inexpensive footwear.

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You shouldn’t, however, wear the same pair of boots every day. Because they don’t have enough time to rest and dry out in between wears, among other things, they may start to smell worse.

If the boots have time to dry out, they will also last longer because the insides won’t be as moist. The stitching and other components will endure longer.

Get at least two pairs of boots, which may or may not be good news for you.

Use Shoe Trees

The second tip is to use shoe trees if your feet are smelling bad. Not everyone owns these, but you should, given that they are often constructed of cedar.

I would suggest against choosing a plastic one because, despite the fact that plastic ones enable the boot to maintain its shape, cedar shoe trees aid to suck up moisture on the inside of the boot.

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Additionally, cedar has built-in antibacterial and antifungal properties.

That can significantly increase the lifespan of your boots,

Buy Breathable Boots

The next tip is to get breathable boots. Simply avoid choosing boots with a very heavy lining if you don’t require a waterproof boot or one that is exceptionally thick, since these features will only serve to trap moisture. Your feet won’t be able to breathe as a result.

You think, “I’d rather get the waterproof boots,” when you hear the word waterproof. However, a typical resoleable boot with a regular Goodyear welt is sufficiently waterproof.

Although you can’t stand in the lake all day because it isn’t really waterproof, you’re alright if it is raining outside.

For most people, a Goodyear welt is more than adequate. That design is far more breathable.

Boots made of non-leather, waterproof, and insulated materials can all smell bad quite easily.

Buy Better Boots

Buy better boots as the next tip. Purchase the best boot you can afford. Since a better boot will likely have more leather. For whatever reason, leather doesn’t smell as quickly or strongly.

The greater the quality of the boot, the more leather will be used in the sole construction, the upper construction, and the interior, and the less synthetic material there will be, the slower the boots will begin to smell.

Leather is breathable, which helps your feet breathe a little bit more easily.

Wash Your Feet

The next piece of advice is to wash your feet. That’s going to be just as effective as any of these other stuff.

If your feet naturally stink because you don’t wash them, wash your feet.

Although it may seem quite obvious, I’d want to challenge the typical person to recall the last time they knelt down and washed their feet in the shower.

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Most people simply don’t wash their feet because they assume their legs will clean themselves in the shower.

If you frequently have stinky feet, go down there and give your feet a good wash.

It’s also worth doing a foot soak with salt and essential oils. A lot of people include that in their routine for maintaining good foot hygiene.

Change Socks Every Day

Some people need to be reminded to change their socks every day.

Consider wearing wool socks. They don’t smell nearly as bad.

I almost usually choose wool socks. Wool is a great option when it comes to stench.

Replace The Insoles

The next tip is to get new insoles. This one is easy. Not only will it increase your comfort, but the insoles themselves smell the worst because that’s where you sweat the most—beneath your foot. All your sweat is being absorbed by the insole.

They’re $15 to $20. If your boots begin to smell, put them out and replace them every few months.

It’s an easy and inexpensive way to do it.

In boots, it’s frequently the insoles that are made of artificial materials. You can have some pleasant foam for shock absorption, and all that kind of stuff.

There is frequently a good likelihood that the insole is the cause of the problems.

Use Essential Oil

Some people have discovered that putting a few drops of essential oils in their boots might assist them to smell a little less.

Some antibacterial and antifungal properties exist in tea tree oil. At the end of a long day, some people find that adding a few drops of that to their boots really reduces the smell.

For a similar effect, some people put tea bags in their boots. Lemon peels are a different option. Many people find that to be really beneficial. Talcum powder is sometimes used because it absorbs moisture.

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At the end of the day, place dryer sheets in the boot. Many people discover that their boots are drier and less smelly the following day.

Store Boots Correctly

The next tip is to store your boots properly.

People don’t properly store their boots. People will simply remove their boots and walk away.

Take off your boots, let them air out, partially loosen the laces so that the tongue is exposed, and store them somewhere that allows for some ventilation.

Don’t put them in a box and seal them up.

After a long day, when you take your boots off, they are damp and smelly. If you put them in a dark closet, they won’t dry out and the problem won’t go away.

Get a Boot Dryer

A boot dryer is gonna speed up that process of air flowing through the boot and extracting moisture. It’s a fairly easy method for speeding up the process of dying the boot out.

They can be large machines, but some are also quite small. Simply plug them into an electrical outlet and work on one pair of boots at a time.

Work boots can become quite moist on the inside if you wear them all day long while working.

Many guys do believe that using a boot dryer is the best approach to prevent boot odor.

how to make my boots not stink

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