5 Sneaker Fashion Rules For Men

Sneaker Fashion Rules For Men

I’ve compiled a list of five sneaker rules that every man should observe.

Remember, these are suggestions that I recommend, rules to consider based on my prior experiences and, without a doubt, mistakes that I’ve made.

Not Wearing Socks

The first rule is that sneakers should never be worn without socks. This is a no-go zone.

I’ve done it before, but not because I liked the look, but because I just didn’t have the time.

It is inconvenient; your feet will sweat, and you will get sweaty, smelly, and uncomfortable. If you walk for more than five minutes, you’ll acquire blisters and your toes or ankles will pain if you’re wearing high tops.

It’s simply not acceptable.

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But how can you achieve the sockless look? I enjoy flaunting my ankles.

It’s for this reason that they have no-show socks.

Many men will wear loafers with a suit and no-show socks on occasion. That’s the path to take.

Your toes and heel will be barely covered by no-show socks. That’s all there is to it.

Longer socks, such as mid-length or ankle-length socks, are popular these days. Socks are in right now, so get some. They’re really inexpensive, and you can acquire them almost anyplace.

However, please refrain from wearing sneakers without socks. It’s not going to work out.

Have Variety

The second rule is to wear a variety of shoes, not just white or black or hyperbeast sneakers.

Many people just purchase one pair of shoes. After that, it’s just the Jordans. They don’t have any other options. That is something they wear every day. That’s a blunder.

I’d even go so far as to say that buying three more affordable sneakers is preferable to buying one more expensive sneaker because you’ll have more variety.

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If you go to school, work, or see pals, they’ll notice you wearing the same pair of sneakers every time you see them.

If you have three, you can switch them on and off, mix and match, and your outfits will appear better.

Do Not Mix Competing Brands

This rule has been broken, and I’ve been called out on it.

Many folks despised the fact that I was wearing Adidas running sneakers with Nike compression leggings.

My lesson was learned. Although this occurred many years ago, the lesson remains the same: do not combine competing brands.

You can mix and match various brands that aren’t as competitive, such as an Under Armour tee with Nike sneakers. That’s OK.

However, I believe that when companies are as competitive as Nike and Adidas, consumers will have an issue with it.

I know it’s inconvenient because Adidas offers fantastic sneakers, and I prefer the fit of Nike’s shorts. But that’s the way things are. It just looks strange.

It’s almost as if he’s saying, “Hey, man, why don’t you decide which one you like?”

In actuality, I like both, but it appears to be off. It just doesn’t appear to be right. It’s like driving a Lamborghini and then having a Ferrari keychain as a key to the Lamborghini.

They’re both fantastic brands, but they don’t function well together.

There’s a small trick to it, and you can get away with it if the logos aren’t too noticeable.

I got these Adidas shorts with three stripes on the back, but they’re black on black, so they’re hard to see. I always wear them with my Nike sneakers.

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Keep it a secret!

But since you can’t tell, it’s perfectly good. If I can get away with it, so can you.

No Baggy Pants

The next rule is to avoid wearing baggy pants with modern or elegant shoes.


When you wear baggy pants and slim, modern, thin shoes in a sleek silhouette, it appears as if you have very small shoes and very small feet. It is incompatible with each other.

Similarly, if you’re wearing skinny pants and then wearing big sneakers. Your feet appear to be quite large.

Keep that in mind while mixing your bottoms with your sneakers; otherwise, the entire ensemble will be thrown off.

For example, I recently purchased Alexander McQueen boots. They’re just stunning; they’re a touch bright, but they’re substantial and quite large.

Wearing this with skinny jeans, boots is all you would see. My entire attire would be skinny, with the exception of these huge boots.

I’d never pair these with thin jeans; it’s just not a good look. And the other way around. I wouldn’t wear baggy pants if these were very elegant, thin shoes since they would be completely obscured by the bagginess of the pants.

Can You Wear Sneakers With a Suit?

Let’s take a look at a contentious issue.

Can you wear merely casual white sneakers, or sneakers in general, with a suit? You’ve asked me this question before, and I’ll give you my answer in a second.

Yes, that is my response. It’s been done before, and it’s been done well.

I’ve done it several times and believe it looks fantastic.

Some males will say no, that you should always wear leather shoes, that you should always wear formal shoes.

That is not my opinion.

I believe there are a few rules to follow while wearing sneakers with a suit.

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Sneakers were previously only permitted in the office on casual Fridays. However, according to a Harvard Business School research, persons who are dressed casually appear more confident.

It’s intriguing because it almost gives the impression that they aren’t trying very hard.

When you wear a suit to work, you’re attempting to stand out, to appear professional, and to appear a little older.

You’re not doing any of these if you’re wearing sneakers; you’re just being yourself.

It will work if the sneakers have a very clean design and are completely black, gray, beige, or white.

It’s simple to mix and match, it’s elegant, and it’s not too loud. Something like this is undeniably effective.

If you’re going to wear sneakers with a suit, make sure the suit has a narrow fit. The pants should only be braided to the top of the shoe or a little higher so that your ankles are visible. It would be wonderful if there were no show socks here.

As a result, the answer is yes.

You can wear sneakers with a suit if you follow a few rules.

Wear the appropriate sneakers; do not attempt to wear something outrageous because it will not work.

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