Fashion Color Trends Fall 2023 & Winter 2024


This video is discussing the Pantone Color Institute’s color predictions for the Fall/Winter 2023-24 fashion season. The video is a mix of author’s commentary and images of products and color swatches that showcase the predicted color trends.

Here are some additional details from the video.

Importance of Color: Jamie emphasizes that colors are a vital aspect of fashion, and the Pantone Color Institute’s selections are essential for designers, retailers, and consumers. The institute’s predictions are based on colors seen on runway shows, and they often influence the color schemes used in clothing and accessories available in retail stores during the season.

Color of the Year: The Pantone Color Institute declares a “Color of the Year” that represents the current economic environment and societal trends. The color of the year for 2023 is Viva magenta, symbolizing energy and robustness. This color appears in both the yearly color palette and the fall/winter color palettes.

Fall/Winter Color Palette: The fall/winter 2023-24 color palette consists of nine main colors instead of the usual ten, with the Color of the Year (Viva magenta) included as the tenth color. The dominant colors in this season’s palette include red Dahlia (a deep red), tender peach (a peachy color), and red violet (a purplish-red shade). Persian jewel (inspired by lapis lazuli) and eclipse (a deeper blue) are also highlighted as prominent colors.

Classic Colors: Alongside the main color palette, there are four or five classic colors that serve as grounding neutrals. These classic colors for the season include rich neutrals such as hot fudge (a rich brown), dough (a tan color), coconut milk (a milky white), and silver birch (a gray).

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Color Combinations: Jamie discusses various color combinations and how different colors pair well together. She showcases images of products in different color combinations, demonstrating how specific colors can enhance the overall look and feel of an outfit.

Trends in Pinks, Reds, and Oranges: Jamie expects pinks and reds to be dominant colors in the fall/winter season, with deep reds like red Dahlia and reddish-pinks like Viva magenta and tender peach being prominent. She also mentions red violet as a key color. Red orange is presented as a significant color, and its versatility in pairings is discussed.

Greens and Yellows: Two greens, kohlrabi and carnival glass, are mentioned, although their inclusion in the palette is somewhat unexpected to the presenter. The presence of yellow is also noted, with a deeper, mustard-like shade called yellow ochre being highlighted as a more wearable option.

Rich Neutrals: Jamie expresses excitement about rich neutrals for the season, including hot fudge, which she finds particularly impressive in monochromatic looks and paired with denim. She also mentions that variations of grays, tans, and creams will be prevalent, and these neutral colors can add versatility and timelessness to one’s wardrobe.

Personal Opinions: Throughout the presentation, Jamie shares her personal opinions on the colors and their pairings. She encourages viewers to share their thoughts and preferences in the comments section.

Overall, the video provides an informative and visually engaging discussion of the Pantone color trends for the upcoming fall/winter season, along with insights into how these colors may be incorporated into fashion and personal style.

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Fashion Color Trends Fall 2023 & Winter 2024


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