Fall 2023 Fashion Trends To Avoid

2023 Fall Fashion Trends To Avoid

This video is discussing fall 2023 fashion trends to avoid. The author starts by mentioning that there are some amazing fall fashion trends coming up, but there are also some that are not so great and should be avoided.

The first trend she discusses is satin fabric, which she finds tricky to wear well. She suggests that if someone likes the trend, they should invest in better-made pieces, as cheaper options may look cheap quickly.

The next trend she points out is snakeskin print, which she thinks is better suited as an accessory rather than wearing it from head to toe. She mentions that while it’s a classic print, it might be too overwhelming as a full outfit.

The author talks about the return of oversized dressing, particularly with 80s-style shoulder pads. While she acknowledges the place of power dressing in fashion, she advises being careful with proportions to avoid an overpowering look.

She discusses the popularity of bold statement earrings but cautions against wearing them together with bold statement necklaces to avoid a cluttered look.

The next trend on the list is extremely short shorts, which she describes as almost like a runway look that might not be practical for everyday wear.

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She then talks about feather-trimmed pieces, which she finds pretty and stylish if done well with a touch of luxury. However, she warns against choosing poorly made pieces that might look cheap.

The author mentions the trend of floor-length coats, which she loves but suggests being mindful of the length, as overly long coats can be impractical and potentially overpowering.

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She touches on power shoulders in shirts and blazers, advising caution and recommending looking for such styles in High Street labels rather than investing in them as timeless pieces.

The last trend the author discusses, humorously named “free the nipple LS,” seems to refer to transparent fabrics and mesh styles that have been trending. She doesn’t delve into much detail on this one.

Fall 2023 Fashion Trends To Avoid

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  1. I simply wear whatever pleases me on a particular day: Boho, Classic, Athletic, Romantic….whatever makes me happy.

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