7 Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

When it is no longer warm enough to wear your summer clothes but not quite chilly enough to start donning your thick coat, it might be difficult to decide what to put on your body because the temperature is in between the two seasons.

There are a few pieces that will make it much simpler for you to transition your summer outfit into the fall wardrobe.

I’m going to share with you seven essential pieces for your summer to fall transitional wardrobe in this article.


A cardigan is one of the most essential pieces to be able to layer in order to make the transition from summer to fall clothing.

There is a wide range of lengths available for cardigans, allowing them to complement a wide variety of outfits.

By adding a shorter, more fitted cardigan, a feminine outfit with a skirt and top may easily go from summer to fall.

The top underneath must be tight or most definitely more fitting if you plan to wear it buttoned up. Otherwise, it will look excessively bulky. However, if you’re wearing a loose top, wear it open and unbuttoned.

Trainers can be worn in place of open-toed sandals. Even though I’m not a huge lover of trainers, they do keep the outfit looking really youthful.

I adore cardigans with a longer line. These are perfect to add to a summer dress because they are great for lengthening the body.

A longer line cardigan goes great with a tiny black dress. You may wear a belt, either over the top or underneath, to take the transition a step further.

A long line or a short carding looks great when worn with your go-to summer outfit of a tank top and wide-leg trousers. Exactly the same with a top and some jeans.

Consider donning a cardigan that matches the color of your top. Either in plain form or with printing. Alternately, add a statement cardigan to boost the wide-leg bottoms and top. It appears gorgeous. Particularly navy looks fantastic.

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If you want to look chic during this transitional time, you should equip yourself with a sweater that you can wrap around your shoulders and then wear if the temperature drops further.

In the summer, a stunning white outfit with white trousers and a white top looks wonderful on its own. However, for a really chic look when the weather begins to cool off, add a sweater in a beige or taupe color around the shoulders.

Try this with any type of top or trouser. Then, you can really mix it up.

Increase the length of the sleeves on the top you’re wearing as the weather begins to change. Wear a cardigan or a sweater around your shoulders, whichever goes best with the actual top you’re wearing. The layer cannot simply be there for aesthetic sake; it must also have a practical purpose.

Trench Coat

The perfect layering garment to gracefully transition your outfits from one season to the next is a lightweight trench coat.

When the evenings are cool, they can be easily worn over a summer dress for some cover-up or over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

A simple tank top and jeans are summertime staples for many of us, and adding a lightweight trench coat to the look is a great layering piece without becoming overheated.

I have a lightweight black silk trench coat that makes you feel as though you are wearing nothing. I also have one in gray, which looks wonderful with all-white.


Adding a scarf is another option to transition an outfit from summer to fall.

I own a gorgeous Mulberry silk scarf. On the skin and to the touch, it is incredibly soft. It differs from some scarves, which can be irritating and uncomfortable to wear, especially if they are worn over the face.

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I simply rolled it around my neck, to put it simply. I do love wrapping a purse with a silk scarf. It significantly improves an outfit.

Open-Toed Shoes

I don’t know about you, but if I’m wearing open-toed shoes, my feet are the first place that I start to feel cold when the temps start to drop.

To transition your wardrobe into fall, you must have a great pair of closed-toe shoes.

Ballet flats, loafers, and trainers are the substitutes for me.

By adding some ballet flats and a thin blazer, the summer outfit of sandals, black trousers, and a striped top can be changed into fall attire.

Ballet flats actually make it simpler for me to walk than sandals, and it solves the problem of the cold toe.

If you’re going out with jeans, a top, and sandals, just switch to some loafers. Any color can do, but I prefer a red shoe to add this outfit the much-needed pop of color. When you need some outerwear, add a blazer.

Trainers are practical to have for a more casual look. The outfit can easily transition from one season to the next by trading the sandals for trainers.

Utility Jacket

During those laid-back days, a utility jacket is ideal. Not too fancy, not too casual—just right.

It can make formal attire appear a touch less formal while simultaneously elevating the appearance of casual attire.

When the weather is so unpredictable, a lightweight utility jacket is something that you should absolutely have in your closet. They can be combined with a summer outfit consisting of a t-shirt, casual trousers, and trainers. Or can be worn over a summer dress just as easily.

It’s the Duchess of Cambridge’s go-to kind of jacket. She wears hers all year long. Simply put, it’s very simple to throw on with jeans and trainers.

However, the bomber jacket can make a wonderful substitute for the utility jacket if you don’t like it and are looking for another type of jacket.

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Classic Shirt

At this time in the year, a classic shirt is more valuable than ever. It’s such a pretty piece to use to transition your outfits for the new season.

Even though you might have worn a shirt during the summer, you can now layer it over top when you need an extra layer.

Any color or design is acceptable for the open shirt. Leave it open and wear it with your top and trousers.

You can experiment with the patterns and colors. It’s a look that works with all various types of trousers and a variety of hues.

When it’s time to put away white trousers, the similar look might be achieved with more fall hues.

You can start by wearing a black top, jeans, and a white button-down shirt, depending on how cool it is where you are.

Layer it once more as the new season progresses with an additional shirt or perhaps even a utility jacket.

If you’ve been wearing a summer dress all the time, make the transition by layering a shirt on top and adding a knot in the front.

Simply put, it’s a way to prolong the wear of your summer clothing into the fall.

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