What to Wear This Fall 2022 (11 Trends)

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What to Wear This Fall 2022

Every August, a significant event occurs.

Whether it’s 100 degrees outside or not, all the department stores will begin bringing in their fall inventory.

We’re all curious a little bit about what fashion things we may look forward to wearing this season, even though it’s a hundred degrees outdoors. The fall stuff will soon start to appear.

I’ll share a trend that is definitely not popular this fall with you at the end of this article. It’s still in style, but a lot of people own it. You already have it in your closet, I assure you; it was simply not very prevalent on the fall runways. It’s unlikely that you’ll find it in stores.

Bold Bright Colors

Bold bright non-fall colors are the first trend I’ll address, which is a carryover from previous seasons.

Practically every color of the rainbow is trendy this fall.

Bold color has long been in trend. This can be worn either by color blocking it or it can be worn more subtly; for example, if your outfit has more fall-inspired colors, you can accent it with a colorful bag or a colorful pair of shoes.

I feel it looks a little more interesting, so I really love it when classic fall colors are paired with these bright colors. Or you might purchase a dress, jumpsuit, or other item that already has all these colors combined in it.


Leather is another trend that has stuck around from last season and, I think, the season before.

Leather remains quite big.

The look of leather—leather, imitation leather, vegan leather—is extremely fashionable. Many leather products will be readily available to you, so search around.

If you reside in a climate that permits it, wearing leather from head to toe is great. Personal trend dictates that I prefer leather paired with knitwear or something really basic, which takes me to my next trend because it complements this one so well.

White Tank Top

The white tank tops with the Prada logo have been a big trend this year. Although I don’t really belong with that part, I enjoy the white tank top. It’s simply an item to keep in your closet that matches almost everything.

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With leather pants, I love it. It looks lovely with a statement bottom and works well as a layering piece under a jacket. A white tank top is a wardrobe must, so it’s odd that it’s currently in style this trend. However, it was unmistakably visible on all of the fall 2022 runways.

Feminine Elements

These feminine elements, including lingerie-inspired apparel, corset tops—which have been popular for a while—bustier style dresses, sheer tops, lace tops, and similar items—are another strange fall trend that I appreciate.

You might be wondering how on earth you could wear feminine elements while it is freezing outside.

In fact, you could wear them with some of these more structured pieces, such as a blazer, jacket, pants, or jeans. They can be worn underneath clothing.

These will be brought up again in a different trend that will also emerge because they go well with the previous one.


Another trend that was particularly prevalent on the fall 2022 runways was belts.

More so than the incredibly skinny belts, which can occasionally be highly in trend, are the wider belts.

Does this imply that you must wear wide belts if you look best with skinny belts? Absolutely not, but it does indicate that this fall will see a lot of wider belt options. You might find one you love very quickly if it’s something that interests you.

Sporty Type Clothing

For fall 2022, there was a lot of sporty-inspired attire on the runways.

Athleisure meets Fifth Avenue is a better way to describe it than sneakers and leggings athleisure.

Tory Burch had a track suit with heels and trouser pants. Or a miniskirt, heels, and an Adidas jacket.

For the fall 2022 collection, Gucci collaborated with Adidas, and I have to admit that I truly enjoy a few of the pieces.

Most of the part, I wouldn’t look particularly attractive with this look. However, I can enjoy this look on the appropriate individual.


Bomber Jackets

They are coming back. You most likely already own this item or had it years ago and are keeping it in your closet. Even if you don’t, you might be able to find these used or vintage.

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In 2022, bomber jackets have become increasingly popular, and they are here to stay.

Maxi Length

For the fall, maxi dresses and maxi skirts are big.

Although I’ve never really liked Tory Burch’s look, a lot of the maxi dresses she wore on the fall 2022 runways are beautiful.

Suiting Clothing

For a while, blazers, vests, and other items of apparel that are more often worn with suits have been in trend. All of these can be worn together to wear a suit.

Personally, I like it best when it is deconstructed and worn with looser, more feminine clothing. You may have seen a jacket paired with a skirt that looked quite delicate and feminine on the fall 2022 runways.

That combines those two trends of the feminine trends with the more suiting elements. Alternatively, wear a white tank top and jeans.

Love how they have these more structured items, like the white button-up with the black leather boots. They can be a lot of fun to look and provide you with outfit inspiration to help your items last longer.

Sequins & Shiny Things

Despite the fact that they have been popular for some time, especially in the fall, I don’t feel they ever entirely go out of style.

This year, sequins, sparkly dresses, sequin skirts, and other sparkly items are quite trendy.

This was a big trend during the summer, so if you’re looking for something similar, you should be able to find some even today. Strangely enough.

There will be a ton of sparkly sequin items available for the fall.

Fall Colors

This year, black, caramel color, and cream appear to be particularly big traditional fall colors.

Those three colors will be prevalent.

Black obviously never goes out of style, but you can find all-black clothes in textured fabrics, in more edgy looks, and with various embellishments. A  little more intriguing than your typical little black dress.

The color caramel is beautiful in the fall. It complements a lot of those great colors really well. Such a delicate, elegant, and classic-looking color.

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Another of those is cream. With those other two colors, black and caramel, cream looks beautiful, classy, and timeless.

I love white, but lately I’ve been drawn to the color cream. It provides a unique element to an outfit, and when black and caramel are added back in, it creates such a sophisticated, lovely look.

Trench coats and coats in general frequently come in the color caramel. However, you’ll be able to find it in a variety of items, including dresses and sweaters.

Animal Print

Animal print is a trend that was really popular a few years ago but was virtually completely absent from the fall 2022 fashion shows.

In contrast to a few years ago, animal print was hardly ever seen.

A few years ago, zebra print, leopard print, cheetah print, snake print, or anything similar seemed to be the go-to print for every designer and other styles.

Not this year.

Despite the fact that it never goes out of style, it isn’t a big trend this year.

If you love animal print, you might find it a little bit more difficult to find it this year than you did a few years ago.

It doesn’t imply you can’t wear anything you own, like a coat with leopard print, at all. Please do wear that.

Undoubtedly, leopard print is a more traditional animal print. Less traditional and more trendy animal prints include zebra and snake.

However, this year’s options may not be all that big if you’re trying to get a new leopard print coat.

	what to wear this fall 2022


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