10 Wearable Fall 2023 Fashion Trends

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Wearable Fall 2023 Fashion Trends

This video discusses the upcoming fall 2023 fashion trends, highlighting wearable and practical options for viewers.

Here are more details about the trends mentioned in the video.

Circle skirts: Leone mentions that circle skirts are her favorite trend for fall. They are described as feminine, pretty, and flirty options, standing out from the rising hemlines and mini skirts often seen in fall fashion. She suggests that circle skirts can be easily styled with simple knits for a high-low mix or paired with over-the-knee boots for a more edgy look.

Shearling or faux fur accessories: Leone talks about the continuing trend of Ugg-like boots, now featuring shearling or faux fur on the outside. She presents a fluffy pair of Ugg boots but mentions they might not be very practical for outdoor wear. Instead, she suggests exploring other accessories like shearling bags, purses, and clutches to add a touch of furry coziness to fall outfits.

Hoods: Leone notes the resurgence of hoods on various clothing items, including dresses, jackets, coats, and shirts. Hoods add interest to outfits, especially when layering heavier coats and jackets, while also giving a sporty luxe look.

Coordinated sets with leather or leather look pieces: The video mentions the popularity of coordinated sets for fall. Instead of the usual colorful and playful sets, Leone suggests that leather or leather look sets are making a return. She recommends pairing leather or pleather leggings with a matching leather look shacket or shirt for a trendy and coordinated outfit.

Color red: Red is identified as the key color for the fall season. The video encourages viewers to embrace the vibrancy of red and experiment with different shades, whether they are blue-based or true reds. Red pairs well with vibrant pinks and classic denim, adding a statement color to fall outfits.

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Statement hosiery: The video talks about the trend of statement hosiery for fall, including colorful tights, patterned tights, and opaque tights. These hosiery options complement the rise of mini skirts and shorter hemlines, providing warmth and interest to outfits.

Shearling-lined jackets: Leone highlights the practicality and comfort of shearling-lined jackets for fall. Several designers, such as Ralph Lauren, Chloe, and Isabel Marant, offer modern spins on these jackets, but viewers are encouraged to find similar options that suit their style and needs.

White shirts: White shirts are presented as versatile and essential pieces for creating different outfits and styles. Leone emphasizes that having white shirts in one’s wardrobe can be helpful for those moments when one feels like they have nothing to wear.

Return of peplums: Lastly, the video mentions the return of peplums for fall fashion. Peplums are seen as a flattering and stylish choice, although they may not work for everyone, especially those with an apple body shape.

Fall 2023 Fashion Trends

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