Fall 2022 Fashion Color Trends

Fall 2022 Fashion Color Trends

Color trends are one of my favorite topics to discuss because they play a huge role in both fashion and style.

I love letting you know about these in advance so that you can be ready for what is to come.

It’s going to be a very bold season. Keep calm, though, if you prefer neutrals and black because they will still be popular for 2022 fall season.

I’m going to examine the colors that the Pantone Color Institute has projected.

I have been following them for the past few years and I absolutely love how accurate their forecasts are.

They created two color palettes using the colors they observe at New York Fashion Week. One has colors, while the other has the classic colors that serve as the foundation for all other colors. They also create a color palette for London Fashion Week.

Dopamine dressing is a major theme this season, as it has been in previous seasons as well. Dopamine dressing is bold, eye-catching, and joyful dressing.

Autumn-Winter-2022-2023-Color-Palette-Pantone-Color-Institute-1 Autumn-Winter-2022-2023-Color-Palette-Pantone-Color-Institute-2

Red, yellow, orange, blue, green, pink, and brown are the colors of the season. This season, you’ll see a lot of pink and a lot of green.

Additionally, there is very peri, which is the year’s color. Every year, they choose a color that will appear in both seasons, sometimes in various versions, but this year, we are seeing blues and lavenders that are derived from this very peri color.

When it comes to the classic colors, these serve as the building blocks on which you can combine the classic colors. In this palette, which leans more toward neutrals and classic colors, you’ll find a lot of cream-colored hues, a deep blue that almost seems black, a very intriguing green, and a gorgeous gray.

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All of these blend well with a variety of different hues.

Bold Pink


Bold pink is the first color I wish to mention. A variety of pinks will be seen. There is a very pale pink color known as nosegay and a very vivid pink shade known as rose violet that does contain a small bit of purple.



Green is the next color I want to talk. Due to the abundance of green I’m seeing, green will likely take center stage in my view. Since there are numerous greens, I’m referring to it as copious green instead of a specific volume of green.

Martini olive, loden frost, and the Amazon color are available. In the color palettes, you have three extremely nice shades of green.

The year-round popularity of the olive green is typical. It’s a little bit neutral, but it gets a little bit bolder when worn with an outfit like a jumpsuit. There will be numerous prints that contain green tones.

Orange & Red


The oranges and reds that are offered this season are two intriguing colors. The reds and oranges are going a little bit more to the brown.

The color orange tiger is so beautiful, vibrant, and bold, and this blazer really screams that hue to me. However, the blazer does appear to have a bit more of a brownish and pumpkin spice vibe to it.

Lava falls and the caramel café are additional stunning colors. There will be many variations of these, but they will all be rich and saturated. They’re going to have a little bit more of that brown feel to them.

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You will notice some yellows since Samoan Sun, a brilliant yellow with a slight mustard undertone, was included in the palette.

I love seeing some mustard colors this season of year. This color is typically accessible throughout the fall and winter. It’s lovely since there are so many different shades of blue and green to choose from.

How much yellow we actually find will be interesting to see. It is a fantastic color that goes well with neutrals and browns and could end up being your choice for a bold color.

Purples & Blues


The color of the year is called Very Peri, and it is a bluish purple color. Although it’s a highly intriguing color, it can be challenging to find items in that precise color.

You’re seeing a lot of blues, including teal blue, and a lot of purples, especially lavenders. These colors mix beautifully together.



This season’s selection of neutrals is very excellent for women who prefer to avoid wearing bold colors. These neutrals still strike me as a little bit bold.

The color camel will be very popular. Blazers, coats, and perhaps even some pants will have it. I did come across some faux leather pants that were more of a camel color. This color is one of my favorites and it will work great with all the pinks, blues, and greens.

Among the traditional color palette’s colors are arctic wolf and autumn blonde. Those two colors are cream-colored. There will be a lot of ivory around. They mix quite well with a lot of the colors in these color palettes.

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There were a lot of all-black clothes on the runway shows, so even though I wasn’t sure if I was going to talk about it in this post, I really wanted to.

The color palette lacks any black. The color that comes closest is the arctic night hue seen in the classic colors. But if you love black, I did want to mention this up.

Despite the popularity of brown and neutral colors, I believe it will still be quite popular because black looks great when combined with some extremely striking hues, such as hot pink, hot orange, and hot red.

If you don’t want that edgier style and don’t want to wear all black from head to toe, you can mix black with some bold colors and even your neutrals. That would look nice in the fall and winter.



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