6 Fall Outfits With Jackets For Men

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Outfits With Jackets For Men

I recently put a list of my favorite jackets for men to wear in the fall. You will discover how to make the most of these stylish outerwear options in this article.

Outfit 1

Let’s start out cozy with a jacket that’s designed to keep you warm, a puffer jacket, now that the weather is starting to cool down.

Every fall, one of the most important questions that people ask me is, “How exactly can I make a puffer look stylish?”

Let’s start by talking about the puffer jacket in relation to this outfit.

Generally, I advise either navy or black. However, you can also choose a light brown or green variation.

You should absolutely wear something stylish underneath as you’ll always take off your jacket once you’re inside.

In this example, we’re using a stylish turtleneck sweater, but you could just as easily swap a sweater, sweatshirt, or hoodie if that’s more your thing.

Let’s discuss the lower half.

If you’re running errands, you can always keep things casual with a jogger; however, chinos or wool trousers will give you a more polished look.

Always base your footwear choice on your choice of pants. Sneakers always look great with a pair of joggers. If you’re wearing chinos or wool pants, you could also go with some casual lace-up boots or chukkas.

Outfit 2

The next look is monochrome and features a contemporary take on a menswear staple: the trucker jacket.

Although typically made of rugged and resilient denim, trucker jackets are now available in a variety of various fabrics.

This one is crafted from soft, warm wool in a stylish black color.

Underneath the jacket, we have expert-level layering, with a white crewneck T-shirt worn under a stylish black sweater.

Pay close attention to how the white T-shirt purposefully protrudes under the bottom of the sweater and over the collar.

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This stylish yet essential component gives this outfit a whole new level of style and breaks up the black to make it visually intriguing.

Choosing an all-black outfit is a classic fashion choice, but it’s always a good idea to add a small burst of contrasting color to break up the color block. Anytime you wear a crewneck sweater, you must abide by this rule.

Black jeans and black leather Chelsea boots on the bottom definitely help to take the entire outfit to the next level.

If Chelsea boots aren’t your thing, you may easily replace them with sneakers or lace-up casual boots.

Outfit 3

Another trucker jacket outfit for fall is seen here. Although we’re showing off a chic suede trucker here, you can pretty much wear this look with truckers made of any material.

I chose this particular outfit to answer to a question that I am frequently asked. Can I wear a collared shirt underneath a jacket with a collar?

The answer is yes, but only if it’s not an overshirt or a shirt jacket, as these would give the impression that you’re simply stacking collared jackets on top of one another.

Let’s talk a little bit about the plush trucker jacket made of suede.

In my fall jacket buying guide, I recommended getting one in an earthy shade like this dapper burgundy.


Because it will instantly give your ensembles the ideal amount of fall fashion flair.

It looks particularly nice when paired with a pair of dark wash jeans, or in this case, chinos. This outfit combines the earthy tones of fall look with the gloom of winter.

You could always choose to wear these slip-on sneakers, but some dark chocolate lace-up boots or chukkas would look much better. Or if you wanted a more casual look, some white leather low tops.

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Outfit 4

The bomber jacket comes next.

As these fabrics have a lovely texture that wonderfully complements the warmer pieces you’re wearing at this time of year, I love a bomber in suede or wool for fall.

A white crew neck t-shirt worn under a dark crew neck sweater is one of my favorite layering combinations for cold weather. As you can see, this version of the shoe has a really sharp bluish gray suede.

This time, the casual top half has been dressed up by being paired with some navy wool bottoms. However, dark wash jeans might look just as stylish in place of them.

This jacket’s beauty is in how easily you can dress it up with dress pants and a lace-up boot or dress it down with jeans and some chukkas.

Outfit 5

Now for something a little different. One of my favorite fall and winter outfits to wear with a traditional sports coat is this one.

Here, a very cool and seasonally appropriate sports coat is worn with dress pants, a turtleneck sweater, and penny loafers.

Let’s start with the jacket.

Houndstooth is the pattern of the one being seen here. But a flannel, tweed, or plaid variant could also be used to create this exact look.

A sports coat like this should be worn as the centerpiece of your ensemble, therefore it should be combined with more subdued pieces to let it stand out as much as possible.

I simply love this black turtleneck underneath. But if that’s not your thing, you can always swap it with a crew neck sweater.

You may easily swap out the dress pants for some jeans and choose some lace-up boots to dress down the whole look if you’re going for a look that is more casual than business.

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Outfit 6

The final look makes use of an outerwear outfit that is sometimes disregarded but absolutely necessary, a utility jacket.

The utility jacket is designed for warmth and practicality, as its name suggests. However, it doesn’t naturally mean that you can’t make it look good.

One in a darker tone, such as black, navy, dark green, or brown, is advised because it will go well with your fall attire.

Since it’s made to fit a little looser, keep in mind that you can layer thickly below without it becoming too tight.

Here, we can see that a utility jacket looks terrific worn over a button-up shirt and paired with a pair of traditional chinos.

However, you could always swap these for some heavier fall clothing, such as a sweater or a pair of dark wash jeans.

The footwear is the only thing about this particular outfit that I would modify. I would choose a pair of casual lace-up boots over these darker suede brogues. This would make it possible to create a look that is both macho and rough but also polished.



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