Best Leather Jacket For Your Body Type

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Best Leather Jacket For Your Body Type

Learn how to choose the ideal leather jacket for your body type in this article.

Bomber Leather Jacket

The majority of men do not own this style of leather jacket, despite the fact that it flatters a wide range of body types.

It’s the flight jacket, more especially the bomber.

This jacket originated in the military. It was made to act as insulation while you’re flying at high altitudes in cockpits that aren’t heated or aren’t pressurized.

The elastic in the waistband and at the wrist points of the sleeves will be crucial elements of a bomber’s design.

This design was intended to keep the heat in and the cold out. This jacket is shorter since the elastic hits directly at the waist, giving you more flexibility of movement and a more generous cut.

Because of that, it works well for a wide range of body types. A word of caution should be taken if you are on the top heavy side. You need to exercise caution when wearing this jacket because it has the potential to make your upper body appear much larger than it actually is.

All things considered, the bomber style jacket is a great option for the majority of body types. Look for it in suede if you truly want to stand out. The overall appearance of the jacket will gain a little bit more depth and weight as a result, but it will still stand out.

Asymmetrical Zip Leather Jacket

Not a lot of people pay attention to this one. But I love it because of the V-shaped chest we have. The placement of the zipper over on one side serves a real and important purpose in terms of functionality.

That is due to the fact that when you ride a motorcycle, you are exposed to air hitting you right in the chest. If you simply had a zipper the went up and down, it would be able to have penetration with that air, allowing it to cool you down.

With an asymmetrical zip jacket, you get an additional layer of leather with an overlap that just keeps the air out better.

This practical purpose is cool, but from a stylistic perspective, I love the way that lines work. It enhances the chest and trims the waist.

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This will improve the appearance of the great majority of body types, especially those of you who lack a muscular frame. The silhouette will become more slender, the hands will appear bigger, and the shoulders will be built up.

A guy with naturally broad shoulders and a narrow waist is the only build that needs to be careful with this. This jacket style should be worn with caution because it could make you appear cartoonish.

Difference Between Suede and Straight Up Leather

It doesn’t matter what kind of body you have when it comes to this. It barely exists. Suede gives clothes a little extra weight and texture.

You should definitely lean toward suede if you have a standard or slim build and simply want a jacket that would make you appear a little more substantial.

For plain leather, especially if you ride, you want something that is more durable, something that can withstand the elements; leather is a great choice because it is designed to be tougher on the outside.

What about you large and burly guys? What’s the best style for you?

Most leather jacket styles won’t look good on you until you get the fit just right.

However, there is one style—the blouson style—that will genuinely fit a range of heavier-set individuals.

Blouson Style Leather Jacket

The reason for this is that it has a collar on it, in addition to having a drop that is relatively straight. The heavier guys will be able to wear this jacket.

It will add a little weight and heft to the shoulders if you have a round or pear shape.

Really, if you’re a heavier guy, the blouson is a great option.

What happens if you have a typical body type? Although the blouson will compliment you, there are better styles for you.

You should exercise caution if you are particularly lean and fit or on the thinner side. In this particular instance a blouson design needs to be brought in to truly compliment the build.

There are different styles you might wish to choose from because leather and suede are difficult to work with.

You can still attempt to do this, but it might be a little heavier and not give you the appropriate look. I would choose something more fitted, like the Harrington.

Harrington Leather Jacket

A blouson and a Harrington are directly next to one other. They are cousins who are frequently given different names.

A Harrington, however, has a little slimmer profile. For the heavier guys, it won’t work because it will be more challenging. The Harrington will be ideal for guys who are thinner because the blouson didn’t fit them well.

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The Harrington is a fantastic alternative for you if you have a slim or normal build.

It won’t have the collar, but it will have the open pockets. Therefore, the top will have a slightly more streamlined appearance. The only significant variation between these styles is that.

Moto Racer Leather Jacket

The Harrington closely resembles a moto jacket. The zippers on the pockets, and sometimes the chest region, will, however, be the primary point of differentiation. Typically, there will be a flap that closes up around the neck.

Although the asymmetrical zipper style is another option for the traditional moto jacket, this particular style is for a straightforward, razor type of jacket.

You can truly pull off this jacket and look good whether you have a thin build, a standard build, or a robust build.

A round guy could be able to pull this off depending on the cut and overall fit of the jacket, but he must get the fit just right.

Make sure that it doesn’t fit too tightly on a guy with a bulky build and big shoulders since otherwise it will look ridiculous.

This jacket is your friend if you are a pear-shaped man, especially if your shoulders are slightly padded. That will strengthen those thin shoulders. It’s going to help provide just a little bit more attention to the eyes in that area.

Jacket Design and Build

Let’s discuss the design of jackets in terms of their pockets and stitching. How is this going to influence the different body shapes that the jacket is truly compatible with?

It really depends on what these are doing for the overall profile, silhouette, build, and how they are influencing where the eyes are going to go for that jacket.

The asymmetrical jacket gives the impression of a larger chest. But what if you’re wearing something with big pockets on the top and bottom? This will add some additional weight. in particular if they have patch pockets.

How would it be if there were crossing lines? You have contrast stitching? Again, depending on the location, this will concentrate our attention to that area.

When is that good and when is that bad?

Field Leather Jacket

Check out the field jacket if you’re a regular guy, a thinner guy, and you want a jacket that will add a little bit more weight to you.

Because of their length, these jackets fit a wide variety of body types, which is a great feature.

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The back of this jacket is completely covered. The majority of those other leather jacket styles are shorter than this one. It will have the power to give your upper body a more proportionate appearance.

This is fantastic whether you have a pear- or a round-shaped body type. This will enhance your appearance if you are a slim, everyday guy.

However, you still need to find the proper fit, and the key to this is identifying your personal style.

If you have a larger build, I would recommend a darker color. I believe that you could easily pull off lighter hue in this style if you were a slimmer guy.

Only shorter men should exercise caution when donning a field style jacket. Make sure it’s not too long if you’re a little shorter. Your buttocks’ natural curve should be covered.

If it doesn’t do that, it will be excessively long and not have the proper appearance.

But for the majority of men, this jacket style will really absolutely rock.

Leather Blazer Jacket

This style of leather jacket may give you the appearance of a Russian gangster, but it flatters a wide range of body shapes, particularly the heavier body types (round or pear-shaped).

For guys who are slimmer, the leather blazer doesn’t look good because it might be a little overwhelming.

A large number of individuals don’t even appreciate the notion of a leather blazer. However, it can look pretty good and is a touch more sophisticated than other leather jackets.

If you choose this style, make sure you use a deeper color.

Double Rider Leather Jacket

This one has a really poor track record when it comes to body types that it flatters.

I would say if you’ve got a regular build, if you’ve got a thinner build, get a good size jacket. However, if you have a larger midsection, this will not look good on you.

This style can also definitely not compliment your build if you are relatively tall or short.



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