How to Choose a Leather Jacket

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How to Choose a Leather Jacket

Any man will look fantastic in a leather jacket if it is the appropriate one.

I’m outlining the six rules in this article to help you choose the ideal leather jacket for you.

Men purchase leather jackets for several reasons, but the primary one is that they want to look good.

Men look fantastic in leather.


People often find of it as a very masculine fabric. Women who touch leather tend to think of strength and masculinity.

Don’t overlook the functional purpose leather fulfills. Leather shields against the elements. Leather will perform a good job of protecting you from the elements whether it’s wind, snow, rain, sleet, or any combination of the four.

Even now, leather is still utilized to protect people in a number of different areas.

Motorcyclists are among the most common. What makes them wear leather? Because when they get knocked off a motorcycle, and they begin rolling down that road, they start sliding, it’s good to have leather since it going to protect them from that road rash.

Body Type

Pay attention to your body type is the first rule while choosing the perfect leather jacket.

Some of us are thin, while others are thick. While some of us are short, others are tall. Most of us fall toward a middle ground.

The idea is that you should choose a jacket style and fit that are appropriate for your particular body type.

Understand that you should wear a jacket that fits closer to the body and has a shorter overall design if you are short and slender.

You’re in luck because the majority of leather jackets are designed to stop at the waist. You will find some lengthier jackets out there that will extend a few inches beyond that, but you should avoid those. Generally speaking, you want a shorter jacket.

Additionally, you shouldn’t choose a jacket that billows out if you’re skinny. So be cautious when wearing aviator-style flight jackets.

For shorter men, I advise choosing shorter jackets and jackets that fit you more closely. Why? Because it will work proportionally.

However, you should choose longer jackets if you are a bigger man, a taller man, or if you are overweight. Choose jackets with a little bit of extra space in them.

Why? Because of how proportionately it will fit your larger build.

When I mention longer jackets, I don’t always mean a duster or something comparable. But what I’m referring to is more of a flight, bomber, or fatigue style jacket without the elastic in the middle. On bigger males, that elastic doesn’t look so good.

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Various Styles of Leather Jacket

Knowing the various leather jacket styles is your next rule.

Double Rider

We start with the double rider. This is a traditional American style that is mostly utilized in black. Anyone riding a motorbike, especially a Harley Davidson, should rock this timeless look.

The higher waist cut is going to be one of this jacket’s defining features. The belt will be fastened around your waist.

Take note of how long the sleeves are. What’s going on here? The freedom of movement that this jacket offers is actually something you want when riding a bike.

It’s not going to go in and around your pants at all. In actuality, this will ride a little high. It will be secured by that belt.

The double flap is another option. To protect you from the wind, there is a double flap.

Frequently, the zipper will be on the side. This will prevent the wind from entering the garment directly because of the additional leather flap that will operate as a protective barrier whenever the wind blows.

Racer Jacket

Another style is a racer or moto jacket. This one has a stronger European influence. You will button it up around your neck, and it won’t have epaulets.

The midsection rides a bit lower particularly when you put the sleeves down, you can instantly see the difference.

Bomber and Flight Jacket

The bomber jacket and the flight jacket are the next items on the list.

These jackets were often made for men and women to be able to protect themselves when they are flying at high altitudes, even though I am aware that they are technically different jackets.

The elastic bands at the waist and on the wrists of these jackets will be another important feature. Again, it was placed there to block the wind and keep the individual warm.

Other features on flight and bomber jackets include lining around the neck, which is frequently white or possibly a dark color. They typically contain two big pockets.

Fatigue Jacket

The fatigue style is yet another popular design you’ll discover in leather jackets. This also originates from the military.

There were actually four pockets on the military’s fatigue jacket, and occasionally you may still find a leather jacket with four pockets that has a fatigue look.

However, overall, this will be a looser fit, a little bit longer, and without any elastics in and around the waist or around the wrist.


We’ll go on to the cattleman next. Essentially, this is a leather blazer.

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Is this going to be something you’d like to dress and wear formally? No, is the answer.

Even though it’s still extremely informal, many men, particularly those in the southwest, are big fans of cattleman blazers, and I believe they look good.


The duster will be our next item. Do I believe the typical male should wear a duster? Most likely, the answer is no.

However, it actually has a long history of interaction with the American West in practice. Why? Since they had easy access to the fabric, which performed an excellent job of protecting them from the elements—especially when one is riding a horse for weeks at a time while moving cattle.

Proper Fit

The next rule is crucial.

Purchase a leather jacket that fits you correctly because if you don’t, it will never fit you correctly.

I am aware that a leather jacket can theoretically be adjusted. However, you need to find someone who has the necessary tools, which is very uncommon, and then someone who actually understands how to adjust a leather jacket, which is even more uncommon.

Find a jacket that fits you nicely and buy only that.

It’s important to put the jacket on first. Check the shoulder points to make sure it fits you.

Make sure you have some freedom of movement when it is zipped up and that you can move around.

But now for the second part.

Recognize that leather, especially thicker leather, will slightly conform to your body. It will take more time to break in leather that is heavier and thicker.

It might feel a little bit snug at first, but bear in mind that it might take a few hundred wears for it to start aging on you and adapting to your body.

Understand Leather

You must understand leather in order to follow the next rule while choosing the ideal leather jacket.

Let’s discuss the cuts.

The Cuts

Full grain, top grain, and suede are the three types of leather. Even if there are additional cuts, those are going to be the most common.

When you hear the term “full grain,” you are referring to the top layer of the leather. It’s a terrific option if this is what you’re looking for.

It’s not always the best option because you wouldn’t want to get top grain, which is full grain but has been somewhat sanded.

Why choose something that has been sanded? Because sanding actually gives it a very smooth look. They can dye it a wide range of colors. They can even put on a glossy look.

What about suede?

Corium is the source of suede. This is the part of the skin, the part of the leather that basically is the most malleable, it’s going to be the softest.

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But it will also be the least durable and the one that will absorb water the quickest.

Why are people drawn to suede?

Because it is exceedingly soft and has a napped surface after treatment, it is a luxury material that many people choose. There are many different shades of suede that you may see. For various looks, you may also combine it with top grain or even full grain leather.

Build Quality

Pay attention to the jacket’s build quality as the next guideline to ensuring you choose the ideal leather jacket.

You should look the style, the way that it is actually stitched, how it is put together, and the construction.

You should look the hardware. Everything else that is not made of leather—the zipper, the buttons, etc.—will be in that category.

I want to make certain the stitching is straight when inspecting a jacket’s interior.

The stitch count per inch is the next thing I want to look at. About eight stitches per inch is what I’m after. This indicates that the jacket will last longer.

My attention is on the zipper as I proceed next. You should, at the very least, use a YKK zipper.

You Need Budget

The final rule is that you must set aside money if you desire the ideal leather jacket.

That might be pricey.

Set aside the cash and begin saving right away.

You will feel 100 percent confident in this jacket once you find it and know it is the one you love.

You don’t want to have to pass it up because the price is simply too high.

You’ll cry over the price once you get that jacket, but every time you wear it for the next 10, twenty, or thirty years, you’ll feel and look wonderful.

And in my opinion, that is something you should budget for.

One of the essential pieces of a man’s basic wardrobe is a well-fitting, timeless, attractive leather jacket.

This jacket will have many fantastic stories and you’ll wear it hundreds of times, so be sure to budget for it.

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