How to Wear a Blazer With Jeans (5 Rules & 5 Examples)

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how to wear a blazer with jeans

In this article I’m going to talk about how to wear a blazer with jeans.

Blazers are your thing. Jeans are your favorite. So, a blazer and jeans will look great together, right?

Not always, to be sure.

In order for this combo to function, you must adhere to a few crucial guidelines.

I’m going to show you how to wear a blazer with jeans.


When combining something with a blazer, it’s important to know what a blazer is.

A blazer is not the same as a sports jacket.

The main distinction is that most blazers are solid, despite the fact that they may be made of a semi-solid fabric. Sports jacks, on the other hand, will be made of more colorful fabrics with designs and a wider range of colors.

The majority of the blazers will be navy blue. Some blue blazers will be seen, and they will be real blue.

You’ll occasionally see them in red or green as well. I’m not talking about a bright red here; I’m talking about a muted red.

These will be quite unusual, therefore I won’t go into detail about them in this article.

We’re going to discuss about navy blue in this article.

A navy blue suit jacket might be appropriate. That one I’m going to almost equate you’re wearing it as an imposter blazer.

The buttons are what actually set a blazer apart. There is a significant contrast. It’s not always seen on sports jackets, and it’s almost never seen on suits. Suit buttons are usually more muted.

This is going to be a blazer’s actual mark. The contrasting buttons will be the focus.

To begin, let’s go over the ground rules you’ll need to pull this off.

The Right Jacket

Rule number one. Select the appropriate jacket.

You are combining a formal piece, your blazer, with a more informal piece, your jeans.

The larger the formality disparity, the more off-putting it will be. As a result, you should refrain from wearing a formal suit jacket with jeans.

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When paired with casual denim, the worsted wool fabric will stand out too much.

Choose blazers and sports jackets with textured or patterned fabrics for a more relaxed look.

A conventional navy blazer, for example, but the texture of the hopsack fabric softens the formality, so it pairs well with jeans.

Look for stylistic details that lower the jacket’s formality down, such as patch pockets rather than flap pockets.

Stick to a single-breasted jacket as well. A double-breasted jacket is more formal and does not look good with jeans.

The Right Jeans

The second rule is as follows: Choose the appropriate pair of jeans.

Pairing the proper jeans with your jacket is the second side of this equation. You’ll want to go with a more formal pair of jeans, just as you did with the more casual jacket.

Avoid jeans with holes and those that are old and distressed.

Stick with a solid-colored pair. A dark indigo wash enhances the appearance of your jeans. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate other solid colors, such as white, gray, or even red, or any other color that goes well with the blazer jacket.

Also, don’t forget to consider the fit. A slim or tapered silhouette will appear more sophisticated than a casual or baggy silhouette.

The Shirt

The third rule is: Don’t forget to bring your shirt.

You should avoid wearing too formal shirts in the same way you should avoid wearing too formal jackets.

Traditional dress shirts are usually constructed of a smooth, slightly sheeny fabric.

Instead, opt for a textured button-down with a relaxed fit. Although it’s modest, the addition of texture makes a significant effect.

Also, don’t be hesitant to use patterns to your advantage.

Skip Tie

The fourth rule. Leave the necktie at home.

One of the most formal elements of men’s clothing is the necktie. When paired with a blazer and trousers, it just looks too buttoned up.

You can try this look if you want to be more fashion-forward, but stick to more casual styles like a wool or knitted tie.

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Avoid wearing a formal silk necktie.

Put on a Belt

The fifth rule is to always wear a belt.

When wearing jeans, you can usually get away without a belt, but when combined with a jacket, the belt is essential for tying the look together.

It just doesn’t seem right without it.

how to style a blazer with jeans

Outfit Combinations

Now that you’ve learned the guidelines, here are some wardrobe ideas to get you started.


The first outfit is a classic.

Choose a traditional navy blazer with brass buttons in a hopsack fabric for this style.

Pair it with a pair of dark indigo jeans in a slim cut. It’s a white oxford button-down shirt.

Make a puff fold using a wool houndstooth pocket square. Choose a dark brown leather belt with a prominent buckle, then pair it with a classic dress watch with a brown leather strap.

The shoes are half brogues with a balmoral pattern in dark brown leather. This is as dressy as you want to get with your footwear with a blazer and pants combination.


The second outfit is more rugged.

This ensemble has a herringbone-pattern tweed sport coat. The jeans are dark washed denim once again, but this time cuffed for a more rugged look.

The shirt has a dotted pattern and is a casual button down. Make a two-point fold with a blue cotton pocket square.

A dark brown leather belt with a silver buckle is worn. Wear a leather-strapped watch.

The ensemble is completed with a pair of medium brown chukka boots to complete the rugged look.


Keeping it cool in outfit number three.

This is a fantastic summer outfit.

The navy blazer comes first. Contrasting brown buttons and a ticket pocket are two prominent style features.

The white jeans look great against the blazer.

The light blue and white check pattern on the shirt helps to keep the outfit casual.

Start with a presidential fold white pocket square, then add a stainless steel dive watch as a finishing touch.

An oxblood leather strap with a silver buckle might be used as the belt. Choose a pair of oxblood longwing brogues as your footwear.

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Weekend Vibe

Weekend vibes in outfit number four.

This outfit is all about keeping things pleasant and casual.

A lightweight linen cotton blend with a delicate houndstooth design makes up the jacket. For a comfortable, laid-back style, the sleeves are rolled up.

I brought back a pair of dark washed denim in a slim cut for jeans. A blue button-down shirt with a delicate dot pattern.

Then there’s the green soap pocket square in a martial fold with a polka dot pattern.

A dive watch with a blue silicone band and a light brown leather belt with a gun metal buckle are among the additional accessories.

A pair of light brown quarter brogues completes the look.

Casual Friday

Casual Friday outfit number five.

Back to the navy blazer now. This one is created out of a cotton linen mix.

This one is more informal due to the texture of the fabric. The wash on these jeans is still a little dark, but it’s not as dark as it is on the other pairs.

The gingham design on the shirt is white and gray. Add a crimson pocket square in a casual presidential fold for a splash of color.

The watch has a brown leather strap and features a chronograph. Go for a dark brown leather belt for the belt.

Finish off with a pair of dark brown saddle shoes made of a combination of leather and suede.

You now know how to wear a jacket with jeans and look fantastic.

how to use blazer with jeans


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