How To Look Expensive In Casual Fall Outfits

How To Look Expensive In Casual Fall Outfits

This video discusses tips for elevating casual fall outfits to appear more expensive and put-together.

The video begins with the presenter acknowledging that many people struggle to put together casual outfits that look good and seem more expensive.

The video provides various outfit examples to illustrate how to elevate casual fall outfits.

The presenter advises combining staple items like white blouses, jeans (dark or black wash), and adding stylish ankle boots for a more put-together look. She also suggests accessorizing with pearl earrings.

A black sweater dress is paired with tights and ankle boots, demonstrating how to make a dressy-casual outfit.

Creating monochromatic outfits by wearing all the same color or tone-on-tone is recommended to achieve an expensive appearance.

The presenter emphasizes the importance of mixing textures like knit, corduroy, suede, and leather to add depth and sophistication to outfits.

Wide-leg pants or jeans are paired with unique flats or Mary Jane shoes for a chic yet comfortable look.

A plaid blazer is matched with corduroys and ankle boots, emphasizing a more elevated casual style.

Camel-colored pieces paired with dark jeans are showcased as a stylish combination for fall.

Natural materials like silk and wool are recommended for casual wear as they automatically lend an expensive look and feel to outfits.

Throughout the video, the presenter emphasizes the importance of choosing quality pieces and using fashion elements to create an elevated, expensive-looking casual wardrobe.

How To Look Expensive In Casual Fall Outfits

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