Shoe Trends Fall 2023


Fall 2023 shoe trends promise stylish options for the season’s fashion. Here are 7 of Byrdie’s favorite fall 2023 shoe trends from the runway to everyday.

The Modern Clog

Clog trend returns with new twists in silhouettes and styles. Clog boots gaining popularity, brands like Simon Miller and Jeffrey Campbell present modern designs.

Straight to the Point

Pointed-toe shoes remain a consistent and timeless style. Kitten heels and pointed-toe loafers embraced by brands.

Sock Boots

Sock boot trend to shine alongside slouchy boots. Designs vary from literal sock-like boots to simpler, tight-fitting versions.

Fuzzy Accents

Faux fur and fuzzy footwear trend emerges despite practicality concerns. Campy, feathery styles and cozy shearling boots and heels seen. Caution against puddles due to material.

The Glow-Up Wedge

Wedge style experiences transformation with sculptural shapes and statement colors. Innovative wedges without the traditional wedge shape introduced.

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Sculptural Heels

Designers focus on unique architectural designs for shoe heels. Quirky and bold designs stand out for making a statement.

Monochromatic Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots regain popularity with fresh approaches by brands. Monochromatic versions gain attention, featuring single colors like Barbie pink, black, and olive green.

Fall 2023’s shoe trends showcase a mix of innovation, classic styles, and daring designs, providing ample options for footwear enthusiasts to explore and shop.

Shoe Trends Fall 2023

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