Cowboy Copper Hair Color Explained


Cowboy copper is the fall 2023 hair color trend, characterized by warm brown and copper tones. Proper formulation is crucial to avoid neutralizing the color.

Color theory expert and educator Julie Kleine @colorswithchemistry says, “Cowboy copper looks like a mid-weight copper. A blend between a warm brown and a copper,” she explains. –

First things first, what on earth is “cowboy” copper? “This hair colour is the fusion of leather tones [hence, ‘cowboy’] with classic redhead shades. Coined ‘cowboy copper’, this shade delves slightly deeper into brunette undertones whilst being infused with the richness of deep copper accents. This stands in contrast to the conventional golden hues, resembling a harmonious blend of brunette and redhead aesthetics.” –

Does cowboy copper work for everyone? For those with darker skin tones, this color trend is a highly complementary option.

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